Divinity Singularity: Expansion

Reimagine the story arc over three cycles as in the Tibetan Wheel of Life. The story arc is an eschatology detailing the endpoint of a plan begun when the universe was young. Abecedary is a literal being, the antagonist of the piece. When it split the Divinity Singularity in two it trapped itself in space/time. […]

The Hit

Heat. The smell of sweat, blood, and excrement lent the atmosphere of the games an immediacy that could not be washed away. The assassin glided through the crowd searching for his prey. The audience cheered as desperate men fought for their lives. He spotted his target. He moved in; a tiger in human form weaving […]

Into The Ink

Premise Four or five students have gathered together to summon a demon for differing reasons: one wants to be puissant and thinks that the demon will arrange that; another wants to destroy the world; another doesn’t believe in magic but wants to have sex with one of the female summoners. The others have reasons I’ll […]

Divinity Singularity: Singularism Notes

Church of the Divine Singularity & The Insiders Further ruminations on the doctrines of the Church of the Divine Singularity and how they differ from the Insiders. These thoughts are a development of those in this post. The doctrines apply to Divine Singularism only – Material Singularism and Mystical Singularism will have slightly different doctrines, […]

Animation Debates Research: Links

http://oaktrust.library.tamu.edu/bitstream/handle/1969.1/ETD-TAMU-2009-08-7023/HIBBELER-THESIS.pdf?sequence=1 http://www.wstudies.pitt.edu/wiki/images/0/06/gender_roles_in_animated_cartoons_has_the_picture_changed_in_20_years.pdf http://www.marissabellino.com/uploads/7/6/6/1/7661682/content_analysis_video_games_and_gender.pdf https://etd.auburn.edu/bitstream/handle/10415/2100/Jonathan%20Decker%20Thesis%20Final.pdf?sequence=2