Divinity Singularity: Singularism Notes

Church of the Divine Singularity & The Insiders Further ruminations on the doctrines of the Church of the Divine Singularity and how they differ from the Insiders. These thoughts are a development of those in this post. The doctrines apply to Divine Singularism only – Material Singularism and Mystical Singularism will have slightly different doctrines, […]

Animation Debates Research: Links

http://oaktrust.library.tamu.edu/bitstream/handle/1969.1/ETD-TAMU-2009-08-7023/HIBBELER-THESIS.pdf?sequence=1 http://www.wstudies.pitt.edu/wiki/images/0/06/gender_roles_in_animated_cartoons_has_the_picture_changed_in_20_years.pdf http://www.marissabellino.com/uploads/7/6/6/1/7661682/content_analysis_video_games_and_gender.pdf https://etd.auburn.edu/bitstream/handle/10415/2100/Jonathan%20Decker%20Thesis%20Final.pdf?sequence=2

Divinity Singularity: Art Directionless

I played the voice over to Stuart and some of the students today. They all seemed to be in agreement that Satu had a good voice and that the voice over sounded professional. I must say that I find the Finnish voice to be very attractive. There is something about the ‘wrongness’ of the cadence […]

Animation Debates Research: Masculinity Between Animation and Live Action, or, SpongeBob v. Hasselhoff

Brownlee’s article explores the relationship between live action and animation, and adult maleness with ‘boyhood’ as they are represented in the Spongebob movie. I am going to watch the film tomorrow so I shall reserve judgement on it until then. The article explores several areas that the representations of masculinity in the film raise beginning […]