Into The Ink

Premise Four or five students have gathered together to summon a demon for differing reasons: one wants to be puissant and thinks that the demon will arrange that; another wants to destroy the world; another doesn’t believe in magic but wants to have sex with one of the female summoners. The others have reasons I’ll […]


Two men go on a Grindr date. One of the men is homosexual and is just looking for a blow-job. Anal would be a plus. The other is not interested in sex, he is probably firmly heterosexual. He is lonely and is using Grindr to hang out with people. Gradually the gay man begins to […]

The Pan

It occurred to me that if one looks at the actions of Peter Pan through an ethical lens then the moral quality of that character changes significantly. I must confess it has been several years since I have seen any film version of the Peter Pan and I have not seen the play nor the […]