Divinity Singularity: Art Directionless

I played the voice over to Stuart and some of the students today. They all seemed to be in agreement that Satu had a good voice and that the voice over sounded professional. I must say that I find the Finnish voice to be very attractive. There is something about the ‘wrongness’ of the cadence […]

Character Profile: Daneet ‘Dan’ Junder

Biography Daneet Junder is an 8th generation Born Insider. He is a Master Kineticist and Master Photonist and a Novice Neural Networker. Daneet showed early promise as a Kineticist and was enrolled into that school. During his training he became fast friends with Lammer Hunstar. That friendship became strained when Daneet joined the Watchdogs and […]

Divinity Singularity: Voiceover

I was in the recording studio today recording the voice over for The Divinity Singularity trailer. Satu Pihlström, a level 5 drama student, agreed to voice the part of Pil, although I actually forgot to tell her she was voicing the voice of the protagonist. Earlier in the afternoon I had asked Stuart to review […]

Divinity Singularity First Animation Tests

I have been experiencing some anxiety regarding this assignment. One of the things that had been giving rise to anxiety regarding this assignment is that although I own a Cintiq, thanks to the university bursary scheme and an accommodating art shop, I do not have home access to ToonBoom, the animation software I was planning […]

Character Profile: Lammer ‘Lam’ Hunstar

Biography Lam is an 8th Gen Born Insider. His mother died during childbirth, a rare event in 3GA. Lam was raised by his father, Pawl-Tanna Hunstar among the Insiders. As a child he became firm friends with Daneet Junder. This friendship would be a feature of Lammer’s life until his apostasy. Lam showed great skill […]