Experimental Animation: Pixilation

Once again we enter the nightmarish world of collaboration. Our task was to make a film using the technique of pixilation (stop motion with people). Initially I thought the project had very dim prospects as there was a lot of resistance to planning the shoot, recording sound or writing a script. This resistance to prep […]

Experimental Animation: Cycles & Replacements #2

The finished animation. Time was short this week: a kinetics workshop took up quite a lot of time yesterday which prevented me doing any work on it. I had a lecture this morning which only left me this afternoon to finish the piece. As the afternoon wore on I realised that I was not going […]

Experimental Week 3: #2

I became ill last week which ruined quite a lot of my plans. I wasn’t able to leave the house so could not print the contact sheets onto A3 paper as I intended. Instead I “rotoscoped” over a video of Andrew Casey falling off a skateboard in Photoshop. Each frame is hand drawn and there […]

Experimental Week 3: #1

This week we are manipulating video. We’re to make contact sheets of a piece of video, physically manipulate them and then animate them. I’ve got a bit of footage of Andrew Casey falling off a skate board. I printed off two copies of the contact sheet on A4 with eight images to a page. It […]

Experimental Week 2

Our second experimental task was to play with oil, sand and glass. I did not use sand due to the restrictions on using sand with the university cameras. Instead of carrying on with playing with sacred geometry, which was originally my intention, I decided to animateĀ  a red wave. In my mind, the wave is […]

Experimental Week One

The first week of experimental animation was all about ink, charcoal and chalk. My first experimental piece was made using black and white ink on black paper. I made the images using a Canon DSLR and Dragonframe. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done any photography work and I got the white balance wrong […]