Character Profile: Harry Roberts

Physical Name: Harry Roberts Gender: Male Age: 10 Race/Ethnicity: White, Caucasian, English Height: 121 cm Size: overweight Health: generally good Assets: strength Flaws: not very agile Sexuality: n/a Voice: child Family: Father, sister Self Cultural background: English, scavenger Intelligence: average Temperament: aggressive, angry Happiness: low Attitudes: distrustful, prone to suspicion Education: none Self-Knowledge: low Unconscious […]

Character Profile: Sarah Roberts

Physical Name: Sarah Roberts Gender: female Age: 14 Race/Ethnicity: white Caucasian Height: 137 cm Size: Slim Health: generally good Assets: Flaws: Sexuality: n/a (heterosexual) Voice: child, young female Family: brother, father Self Cultural background: English, scavenger Intelligence: high Temperament: cool Happiness: low Attitudes: pragmatic, practical; intolerant of stupidity Education: none/primary schooling only Self-Knowledge: low to […]

Midnight Medicine Run Beat Sheet

Opening Image A ruined cityscape, distant fires, burnt out cars, destroyed buildings. A padlocked door. Two children, Sarah and Harry, crouching by a car and scouting out the road. The Approach Harry is impatient. He stands up. Sarah pulls him back down. They have a non-verbal discussion: Harry turns to look at Sarah and scowls […]

Circling The Pit

This has been a bad, bad week. After my meeting with Paul Lucking in which my workflow errors were laid bare I experienced an upsurge in motivation. That didn’t last long. The fact that I wasted so long on trying to apply a displacement map, that fact that all other work fell by the wayside […]

Harry’s Hoodie

Started and finished Harry’s hooded woolen top. The texture has issues, errors I have chosen to leave in as a marker of areas in which I need to improve. There is an issue in my handling of UV maps, especially as they are applied to curved surfaces. To make the hoodie I duplicated the required […]