Amateur Dramatics

Recorded some footage of myself in the backyard acting out the part of the tailor. My performance is laughable. I’m all over the place. I honestly don’t think it will be much use unless as the most general of guides. I’m also aware that I have not started a dope sheet for the piece. This […]

Texture Troubles

Have decided to animate in Maya as I intend to primarily work in 3D.   Begun work on modelling green jodhpurs, black leather pants and wooden shelves, walls and floor. I have decided that the animation will take place inside a tailor shop. In order to save time I have elected to only animate one […]

Inertia Attack!

No work done. I am fretting about how I am going to animate this. As I’m specialising in 3D animation I feel as if I should use Maya but I am considering drawing it. Had TJ give me a quick refresher on ToonBoom in case I decide to animate in 2D.