Crossing the Finish Line

The rendering is complete. In order to produce the finished video, the images were imported into After Effects as an image sequence and interpreted at 24fps – a setting in After Effects allows you to determine at what rate the imported image sequences are played back. This was then rendered out and the subsequent footage […]

The Final Stretch

I finished the lip sync animation this morning and I have now entered the rendering phase. I believe I am reaching the limits of my PCs processing power. I want to get the assignment finished without having to use my learner’s agreement to get an extension. In order to do this I have overclocked my […]


I found a tutorial on that utilises the Walter rig. Although they use the female rig (Emma) in the video, the controls are exactly the same. The facial controls are actually relatively straightforward. I animated 173 frames out of the 280 that make up the clip. The animation is basic, mostly because this is […]

Walter Rig Facial Controls

Made tweaks to character animation after advice from Daryl so that the figure is less stiff. I wrote out a dope sheet and attempted to begin lip synching but I can’t get my head around the facial controls. TJ (or Frankie?) did show me a couple of weeks ago but as I haven’t actually been […]

One Week Later…

Only as I’m writing this entry do I see it’s been five days since I’ve last worked on this. I am experiencing quite a bit of fear driven resistance to this module. Part of me is convinced the final work will be sub-par so I procrastinate. This attitude seems strange to me as much of […]

Dope Sheet? What Dope Sheet?

The issue with the textures only appears to be an issue within the Maya software. I rendered a frame of the crappy black leather to illustrate the problem to find that mental ray has produced a lovely image of a cracked leather cushion. I was beginning to think that the procedural texturing tools in Maya […]