11 Second Club December #1

When considering how I was going to approach the December 11 second club competition my initial thoughts were to use the assets I had created but not used for November’s. Upon downloading the audio file it became clear that this would not suffice: there is music in the audio file that places the actors in […]

Shit Cart

Thius month’s 11 Second Club audio is from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It is the scene where Rey is asking Han Solo if he is offering her a job. I have decided that the two characters are going to be Gong Farmers aka night-soil men. Today I modelled a very basic cart filled with […]

Crossing the Finish Line

The rendering is complete. In order to produce the finished video, the images were imported into After Effects as an image sequence and interpreted at 24fps – a setting in After Effects allows you to determine at what rate the imported image sequences are played back. This was then rendered out and the subsequent footage […]

The Final Stretch

I finished the lip sync animation this morning and I have now entered the rendering phase. I believe I am reaching the limits of my PCs processing power. I want to get the assignment finished without having to use my learner’s agreement to get an extension. In order to do this I have overclocked my […]


I found a tutorial on Lynda.com that utilises the Walter rig. Although they use the female rig (Emma) in the video, the controls are exactly the same. The facial controls are actually relatively straightforward. I animated 173 frames out of the 280 that make up the clip. The animation is basic, mostly because this is […]

Walter Rig Facial Controls

Made tweaks to character animation after advice from Daryl so that the figure is less stiff. I wrote out a dope sheet and attempted to begin lip synching but I can’t get my head around the facial controls. TJ (or Frankie?) did show me a couple of weeks ago but as I haven’t actually been […]