11 Second Club December #1

When considering how I was going to approach the December 11 second club competition my initial thoughts were to use the assets I had created but not used for November’s. Upon downloading the audio file it became clear that this would not suffice: there is music in the audio file that places the actors in […]

Inchoate: Complete Animatic

Credits CAST The Inchoate Cam Nutter D.I. Wilson Josh Slyde Dr. Dennett Carolann Dalziel CREW Sound Design, Recording Cam Nutter Foley Artists Cam Nutter & Gideon Fester Music Composed & Performed By Coral Andrew & Daithi Smith Written, Produced, Animated & Directed by Gideon Fester

The Inchoate: Misfired Sound Effects

I received a mixdown of the soundscape file from Cam Nutter today. It sounds good. When I applied the sound file to the animatic however I realised that a line of dialogue and a sound effect of a falling tree were out of place. I have sent him a video with markers showing where the […]

Inchoate: Finished Recording

We finished the recording of the sounds for the soundscape yesterday. We recorded Daithi playing the erhu, a Chinese violin, before heading out into Hanley park to record the sound of trees breaking. We used the Zoom H6 recorder to achieve this. Obviously, we took care to only break branches that had already been cut […]

Inchoate: Failed Foley

I received a call from Cam Nutter last night in which she said that the recordings we had made of Josh and Caz acting out the parts of D.I. Wilson and Dr. Dennett had been corrupted. This meant that we would have to rerecord both parts. Although I found the news somewhat distressing as the […]

Inchoate: Failed Recording

Yesterday was extremely disappointing. I collected some branches in the morning for the foley recording session we had booked for 4.30. I arrived at the Cadman studio with the branches and Daithi who we were going to record playing the erhu, a Chinese violin. Cam, the sound student, was not at the studio and was […]

Inchoate Animatic: First Draft

I finished the first draft of the Inchoate animatic today. The process is as follows. I first drew a storyboard in pencil, using the script I had written for the script writing assignment. I scanned the storyboards into Photoshop. I double clicked on the layer name in the layer panel to change the layer from […]