The Divinity Sungularity: Dramatis Personae

This is a list of characters that appear in the first cycle of The Divinity Singularity. It will be updated as and when new characters are added to the story.

The Insiders

The Insiders are a religious sect. They practice a form of Singularism in which Abecedary is viewed as a traitor rather than the saviour of sentience.

The Singularists

The Singularists are the mainstream religion on Hycra.

  • Dramenf Snaith: High Priest of the Singularity

Starport City

Starport City is the capital city of Hycra.

  • Taneel Thorneigh: Information broker


Angil is a tivfernium mining town that lies to the north of Starport City.

Democracy Movements

There are two democracy movements. The first is lead by Tarner Scopeland. It is this faction that is engaging in terrorist attacks on Arrostoreus. Scopeland is being dominated by Pawl Hunstar who uses them to keep eyes away from the Camera as the Insiders enter the final phase of their transmutation efforts.

The second democracy movement exists inside the first. It is led by the Voidist ascetic Empty who is aware of the fact that Scopeland has been compromised.

  • Tarner Scopeland: Leader of the Democracy Movement
  • Empty: a Voidist ascetic

Galactic Enterprises

  • Stom Mannet: Chief Planetary Officer
  • Jing Nastrenson: Mannet’s assistant.
  • Tyber Herno: Chief Security Officer
  • Lyssa Tramwin: PR Officer
  • Dr Jim Klasht: Chief Science Officer


At the beginning of the story the Hastra is not really a character. It does not attain to full sentience until the 3rd cycle at which point it becomes a separate entity.

  • The Hastra: an algae that manifests an emerging collective sentience when bonded with humans.
  • Abecedary (referred to): a mythical being that split the Divine Singularity in two.

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