Divinity Singularity: Expansion

Reimagine the story arc over three cycles as in the Tibetan Wheel of Life. The story arc is an eschatology detailing the endpoint of a plan begun when the universe was young.

  • Abecedary is a literal being, the antagonist of the piece.
  • When it split the Divinity Singularity in two it trapped itself in space/time.
  • It either still retains the pieces of the Divine Singularity, or portions thereof; or they have were turned into the manifestation of some principle (TBD) that drives the cyclic nature of space/time.
  • Its plan is to create successively larger singularities using the power of faith.
  • It cultivates sentience until it is capable of faith.
  • The Singularists (Insiders) think they are working for God when they are working for Abecedary.
  • The Singularists will come to the attention of Abecedary due to the presence of the Hastra which it intends to use as a springboard for the next evolution in consciousness.

The Wheel of Life

Life is cyclical; an ever repeating fractal loop. There is no heaven or hell in the religious sense, nor any escape for mortals in the dharmic/gnostic sense. The wheel is endless. It’s purpose is to bring sentience to a state that Abecedary can use to form a Divinity Singularity. That’s its only function.

Circles become a motif as do patterns that repeat on different scales.

Triangles are also a motif – there has to be a way out of the wheel and that is synthesis. Abecedary is the thesis, Pil (or the Hastra) the antithesis. The synthesis comes when Abecedary and Pil merge and the two apparently opposing forces resolve into something new.

The synthesis reading makes Abecedary a protagonist just as much as any of the other characters. The story becomes more about his evolution than his evil plan. As his plan is evil, in that it is entirely driven by selfish concerns, this raises questions about the morality of the tale. Does the character deserve redemption given the enormity of his actions? If there is no redemption for Abecedary then what resolution is there that offers any hope for the audience?

Cycle I

What was originally the original story of the Divinity Singularity.

  • A sect on Hycra hatches a plot to turn a star into a black hole.
  • A civil war is brewing between the dominant planetary shareholder and a democracy movement.
  • The Singularists represent the white hot furnace of faith.
  • The absolutism on display is that of the Islamic jihadist.
  • The cycle ends with Hycra in a time dilated orbit around the event horizon of Ase.

Cycle II

  • Some time in the future and the Singularists have become a puritanical theocracy spanning five solar systems.
  • The Hastra has spread, either through bonding or procreation.
  • Pil is a mother. Her family live on a farm on Hycra with Lam where they are changing the Hastra through meditation.
  • Two distinct form of the Hastra emerge.
  • Abecedary has spurred the Singularists onto greatness: their plan is to turn a galaxy into a singularity.
  • This cycle represents the absolutism that occurs when spiritual traditions ossify. In certain respects the Singularists in this cycle represent the concrete absolutism of established churches.
  • Pil encounters Abecedary. She ends the cycle back on Hycra shielding the remaining Hastra from the gaze of Abecedary.

Cycle III

  • Abecedary goes large. He creates a new Divine Singularity using the mass of a supercluster of galaxies and the two halves of the original Divine Singularity.
  • Pil leaves Hycra – millennia have passed in the rest of the universe.
  • There is only one religion: Abecedary itself.
  • There is an intergalactic war between the forces of Abecedary and the Corporate Robotic
  • Pil and Lam travel to Sgr A* to confront Abecedary
  • The Abecedarists create the Divine Singularity and Abecedary enters. Pil follows.
  • The fractal nature of the cycle reveals itself fully to Abecedary and Pil convinces him of the need for synthesis.
  • They merge and form something new.

Notes and Questions

  • What happens when Abecedary creates the new Divine Singularity? Does he win? Does the universe get destroyed?
  • How can there be a conflict between Pil’s daughter, or Pil, and Abecedary?
  • The aesthetics of the story seem to demand that when Abecedary succeeds it discovers nothing more than the same patterns repeated on a larger scale. There is no escape.
  • When the Divine Singularity was destroyed space/time was corrupted, fractally fractured. Eternal reflecting mirrors on acid.

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