Into The Ink


Four or five students have gathered together to summon a demon for differing reasons: one wants to be puissant and thinks that the demon will arrange that; another wants to destroy the world; another doesn’t believe in magic but wants to have sex with one of the female summoners. The others have reasons I’ll work out later.

They perform the summoning ritual but nothing happens. It doesn’t work. They argue and bicker about who is to blame and why. However, the students have been more successful than they think. In the animation department a student is inking a drawing and the summoners have summoned the demon into his drawing. The demon climbs out of the drawing and begins a murderous rampage through the department until it gets outside where it is washed away in the rain.

Coda? The ink flows down the drain, through the sewer system and into the ocean. Fish begin to nibble at it.


The film is intended as a live action film with elements of pixilation and rotoscoping. Everything is live action but when the ink demon touches a human they become pixilated as the ink spreads through their veins and they die. The demon will be rotoscoped in 2D.


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