Divinity Singularity: Singularism Notes

Church of the Divine Singularity & The Insiders

Further ruminations on the doctrines of the Church of the Divine Singularity and how they differ from the Insiders. These thoughts are a development of those in this post. The doctrines apply to Divine Singularism only – Material Singularism and Mystical Singularism will have slightly different doctrines, although these will be broadly similar to the doctrines outlined here. The doctrines will be informally described and the actual religious texts and exegetical writings would obviously be presented in a more formal language.

Creation of the Universe

God exists outside of the space/time continuum. He creates the Divine Singularity. The singularity itself is a paradox. It contains the entirety of space/time within it but its event horizon exists both in God’s abode outside of space/time and within space/time itself. For practical purposes (ha!) the singularity exists in God’s realm and inside itself simultaneously. It exists in space/time but contains the entirety of space/time within it.

God then creates energy and matter populating space/time with stars, planets and everything else. He also creates singularities as reflections of the Divine Singularity. These singularities, as well as being a reflection of the Divine, also serve a purpose in the creation of energy and matter. Current theories suggest there may be a link between primordial  black holes and dark matter, which seems to make up most of the universe.

Creation of Life

God looks at the universe and sees it as empty despite the proliferation of matter and energy so he decides to create sentience. He enters the Divine Singularity. The rigours of space/time upon his body cause him so much pain he produces tears. He mixes his tears with matter and energy to produce life in the form of single celled organisms. He guides these organisms through the process of evolution until the creation of the First Men, the first fully conscious sentience in the universe after God himself.

Having brought life to full sentience God then creates another being which he names Abecedary. He charges Abecedary with the task of cultivating sentience throughout the universe, bestowing upon him power like his own, then he enters the Divine Singularity to exit space/time.

Abecedary’s Rebellion

Abecedary carries out God’s command for an uncountable number of millennia. For millions upon millions of years he assiduously cultivates sentience throughout the universe. As the time passes he sees that the majority of sentient beings spend their lives in varying degrees of suffering. Seeing this suffering and seeing that God has abandoned his creation to it Abecedary determines that the creation of sentience was an act of evil on God’s part.

Abecedary rebels against God’s command. He enters the Divine Singularity and confronts God, asking him to alleviate the suffering inherent in sentience. God refuses saying that the suffering of sentience is necessary for his plan. God tells Abecedary that he will forgive his disobedience only once and casts him into the Divine Singularity.

Abecedary decides to take action. He fashions a spear from a primordial black hole and with this spear he splits the Divine Singularity in two. The destruction of the Divine Singularity permanently prevents God from entering space/time or affecting it in any way. Whatever God’s plan was it is ruined with the destruction of the Divine Singularity.

Abecedary takes the two halves of the Divine Singularity and he fashions the Realm of Peace and the Realm of Redemption. He then gives sentience the gift of the Choice. Either one can follow the teachings of the Church (in practical terms a system of ethics and meditation and contemplation) and enter the Realm of Peace or one can ignore the teachings and enter the Realm of Redemption. The Realm of Peace can be likened to Heaven and the Realm of Redemption can be likened to Hell with the exception that one does not reside there permanently but only until such time as one’s soul has been purified to the point where one can enter the Realm of Peace.

Singularism and the Insiders

Singularists do not worship God, rather they worship Abecedary. The worship of God is a heresy in the Church of the Divine Singularity. The Insiders worship God. They view Abecedary as a traitor and all who worship him as accursed.


Notes and Reflections

  • The Insiders are desperate to keep the existence of the Hastra a secret, particularly from Singularists.
  • According to the mythology of Singularism one will inevitably end up in the Realm of Peace. Perhaps the enormity of one’s moral transgressions could determine the length of time spent in the Realm of Redemption.
  • Prophets would be masters of the Path to Peace.
  • The Church of the Divine Singularity has to be unaware of the Insiders. According to the church’s doctrines God is evil, selfish, childish and maybe insane. The idea of trying to create another Divine Singularity to reach God would be stamped out as the most extreme of heresies. Logically for the Insiders to exist the church has to be unaware of them.
  • The Church’s discovery of the Insiders poses a threat not only to the antagonists but also the protagonists as well. The church will want to execute any Insiders, including Pil and Lam, until they discover the existence of the Hastra at which point their aim becomes to capture any Insiders and recover the Hastra so that they can guide it to sentience. As this is the sphere of influence of Abecedary this in itself could be viewed as heresy. The counter argument to the charge of heresy would be that Abecedary had abandoned his position as the cultivator of sentience so there was no trespass on matters that were his concern.
  • Galactic Enterprises will also take an interest in the Hastra and anyone who is Bonded or Born viewing them as potential sources of income.
  • This would mean that Pil and Lam would have three groups of antagonists to contend with: the Insiders, the Church of the Divine Singularity and Galactic Enterprises. Oh, and the Voidists who are under Pawl Hunstar’s control.
  • The Church of the Divine Singularity needs a new name. As the Divine Singularity is a tool of God and God is evil it doesn’t make sense that it would be an object of worship. It would be a bit like Christianity naming itself after Satan. It’s a shame as I really like the name but internal logical consistency must prevail. Maybe the sect could call themselves Singularists. After all, they are the ones attempting to create a Divine Singularity.
  • Do I need to change the title of the piece? The Divine Singularity makes more sense but I think that The Divinity Singularity sounds better.

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