Divinity Singularity Animatic WIP 01

I thought I had better start producing some video to see if I can fill 60 seconds! If I had been working the normal way, editing a trailer out of pre-existing footage, this wouldn’t be a problem but what I’m having to do is invent scenes that I think might be in the final product.

The trailer is essentially going to be split into three parts. The first part sets the scene of the universe, establishing that we are in a future that includes space travel and that we are in a binary star system. We then establish Hycra – reds, pinks and oranges abound. We see Starport City, a tivfernium mining operation and the Camera. As we approach the middle of the trailer different visual themes emerge: medical procedures, religious rituals and the Hastra. The final third of the trailer ends with action. We have a psychic battle, Mason fighting, Lam firing, an explosion, Pil crouching by a vehicle. We end with the Hastra experience (a psychedelic visualisation perhaps incorporating sacred geometry) before everything on the screen shrinks to black.


Added reverb effect to Satu’s voice and the version of Death of Ase in the music inspiration post.


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