Divinity Singularity: Art Directionless

I played the voice over to Stuart and some of the students today. They all seemed to be in agreement that Satu had a good voice and that the voice over sounded professional. I must say that I find the Finnish voice to be very attractive. There is something about the ‘wrongness’ of the cadence from my English perspective that is very appealing. I bumped into Cam this morning on the promenade. I asked if she was still interested in collaborating and she said she was but that it would have to wait until after (or maybe during) the Easter break due to her current workload which is a position I can appreciate. Once inside the animation department I spoke with Kyle Green about the project and he seemed enthusiastic about doing some music for the trailer. It will be interesting to see how the two soundtrack come out. With two soundtracks and two voice overs that means I’ll be able to produce four different trailers, at least as far as the sound is concerned. What I may do is not produce an animatic until I receive a soundtrack and then cut the sequence of images to the music rather that the other way round.

Yeah, I like it. That sounds like a plan.

I have begun work on three backgrounds, all in gouache. One is Starport City, one is the Hastra chamber and the third is a shot of the Camera from above. I am enjoying painting, something I have not done in a long time. I am very much out of practice.


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