Divinity Singularity: Voiceover

I was in the recording studio today recording the voice over for The Divinity Singularity trailer. Satu Pihlström, a level 5 drama student, agreed to voice the part of Pil, although I actually forgot to tell her she was voicing the voice of the protagonist. Earlier in the afternoon I had asked Stuart to review the two voice over scripts. Much like everyone else I have shown them to he preferred the first one. Unlike everyone else he was able to articulate why. His first criticism was that straight away he was presented with three characters, God, the Patriarch and Pil, that he knew nothing about and that he felt he wanted to know more (I’m paraphrasing). When I asked him if this was in a good or bad way his response was that he felt it was probably good but felt unpleasant in the immediate experience (paraphrasing again). His second criticism was that the first script seemed clearer in what it was communicating. It was obvious that the verse was a retelling of the creation of the universe myth. The second script was a little less clear in that it did not explicitly state that the Divine Singularity was responsible for the manifestation of the space/time continuum so it was not exactly clear what God is instructing the Patriarch to do. This was easily remedied by the addition of the line regarding the manifestation of space/time.

I don’t know why but I still prefer the second voice over. It seems to me that that voice over is much more menacing than the first version and I also feel that it reflects the story arc in a way that the first does not. I have recorded both versions of the voice over. I intend to make two versions of the trailer and do some split testing to see which version makes them want to see the film more.



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