Character Profile: Daneet ‘Dan’ Junder


Daneet Junder is an 8th generation Born Insider. He is a Master Kineticist and Master Photonist and a Novice Neural Networker. Daneet showed early promise as a Kineticist and was enrolled into that school. During his training he became fast friends with Lammer Hunstar. That friendship became strained when Daneet joined the Watchdogs and ended when Daneet was forced to execute Lammer’s Neural Networking teacher Sall Ninnf. The two men fought. As a result of that battle, which Lammer survived, Daneet took the decision to master the school of Kineticism, recognising the usefulness of that discipline in combat.

Daneet was strongly affected by the artwork of Pilorne Hunstar. When he saw her work for the first time he immediately fell in love with the artist. In order to avoid corruption the Watchdogs are forbidden from taking lovers so Daneet never made his feelings known to Pilorne although he would take whatever chance he could to be in her presence. The strength of Daneet’s emotional connection to Pilorne and her work was so strong that upon her apostasy he was affected as if he himself had been personally rejected by her. In his rage he destroyed her most celebrated works. It is this sense of personal betrayal that causes Daneet to hunt Pilorne down, not her betrayal of the sect.


  • Name: Daneet Junder a.k.a. Dan
  • Gender:male
  • Age: 52
  • Race/Ethnicity: Human
  • Height: 160cm
  • Size: slim
  • Health: very good
  • Assets: athletic, fast, stamina
  • Flaws: physically weak
  • Sexuality: celibate
  • Voice: high
  • Family: Immediate family deceased, wider Hunstar family


  • Cultural background: Insider, Hycran
  • Intelligence: high
  • Temperament: Daneet is an emotional man as much prone to outbursts of temper as he is of joy.
  • Happiness: Until Pilorne’s apostasy Daneet is very happy with his life. After the apostasy he is a broken man forever teetering on the edge of psychosis.
  • Attitudes: In his search for Pilorne Daneet is driven.
  • Education: As he was educated by the Insiders his formal education is patchy.
  • Self-Knowledge: Relatively high. Daneet knows that he is hunting Pilorne because of his personal feelings rather than because it is his duty.
  • Unconscious Aspects: The Hastra; the emotional and spiritual toll being an executioner has exerted on him
  • Habits: Daneet likes to play with his top-knot.
  • Occupation: Watchdog
  • Religion/Philosophy: Insider
  • Sexual orientation: heterosexual
  • Goals, ambitions, dreams: Daneet’s only goal is to return Piulorne to the fold or to kill her.
  • Secrets: Daneet has known where Lammer has been for years but has done nothing to return or kill him.
  • Fear / phobias: Daneet’s is scared of the Karakka, a large canine native to Hadren. This stems from a childhood incident when he was injured by a female Karakka nursing her young.
  • Favourite kind of music: Daneet does not listen to music.
  • Sense of humour: Daneet enjoys a good pun
  • Adrenaline moments: flying
  • Physical description: Indian descent; smooth skin; pleasing roundish face; brown hair (top knot); brown eyes;
  • Physical disabilities: none


  • Says: “You have been judged.” “Tell me more”
  • Eats: Daneet is fond of Helam, a chocolate based sweetmeat native to Hycra
  • Wears: trousers, shirt, long coat, eye-shades
  • Buys:n/a – all of Daneet’s neds are met by the Insiders. He does not use money.
  • Works at: Watchdog
  • Plays at: Daneet is a skilled Kalva player (a football like game that utilises the schools of kineticism and meta-physiology).


  • Family: The Hunstars (Daneet’s parents are deceased and he has no siblings)
  • Friends: Lammer Hunstar (estranged), Tal Hunstar, Formas Dennan
  • Colleagues: Tal Hunstar, Formas Dennan
  • Birthplace: The Camera
  • Childhood: Daneet was raised among the Insiders.
  • Education: Daneet was educated in the Insiders. Poorly educated by conventional standards he is a Master Kineticist and Master Metaphysiologist, having a deep theoretical and practical understanding of both disciplines.
  • Hobbies: Kalva
  • Beliefs: Daneet is a fanatical Insider, accepting all of their doctrines without question.
  • Values: Daneet is an authoritarian. He values loyalty to the sect above everything else.
  • Lifestyle: Frugal.
  • Marital Status: Single; Watchdogs are not permitted to marry or have lovers.
  • Religion: Insider
  • Professions: Watchdog
  • Wealth: none


  • Wants: Daneet wants the Insiders to succeed in their plan to create the divinity singularity
  • Hopes: Daneet’s greatest hope is to meet God when the Insiders travel through the divinity singularity
  • Fears: Daneet is scared of Karakka, a large canine native to the Hadren Mountains
  • Thoughts: Daneet often thinks of The Death of Light, a painting by Pil that he destroyed in his rage.
  • Memories: Daneet often thinks back to his confrontation with Lammer
  • Resentments: Daneet has a complex relationship with Lammer. Resentment forms a part of this relationship. Daneet both loves and resents his former friend. He despises him for his apostasy yet cannot bring himself to capture or kill his friend.
  • Dreams: Daneet often dreams of The Death of Light – the strength of Pil’s weaving cannot be overstated.
  • Denial: He lets Lam live out his life because he too wants to leave the Insiders. He hates killing.

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