Divinity Singularity First Animation Tests

I have been experiencing some anxiety regarding this assignment.

One of the things that had been giving rise to anxiety regarding this assignment is that although I own a Cintiq, thanks to the university bursary scheme and an accommodating art shop, I do not have home access to ToonBoom, the animation software I was planning to use. I’m planning to buy the basic version of the software with my next student finance installment but even taking the three weeks free trial into account I cannot obtain the software for another two weeks. I decided to throw myself on the mercy of Google and searched for vector based animation software to see what was available. I came across two free programs: VPaint and Opentoonz. Opentoonz is an open source vector animation programme developed by Studio Ghibli. That was enough recommendation for me to download and try it out. The above videos are test animations for the trailer made using Opentoonz.

Another point of anxiety is my lack of a 2D art style. I’m having to make the trailer quite cartoony. This is purely to cover the fact that as I am new to 2D art I do not have an art style that I am comfortable with.



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