Experimental Animation: Pixilation

Once again we enter the nightmarish world of collaboration. Our task was to make a film using the technique of pixilation (stop motion with people). Initially I thought the project had very dim prospects as there was a lot of resistance to planning the shoot, recording sound or writing a script. This resistance to prep work was even prevalent on the day of the shoot as the group did not want to ‘waste time’ setting up the lights properly or getting the camera setting right.

The shoot itself went very well and was a much more enjoyable process than I had imagined. It was also a lot quicker than I had imagined and once we got into a rhythm there was a real flow to the animation.

Despite my difficulties with people’s lack of regard for proper planning this collaboration has been the easiest so far. People did what they said they would do when they said they would do it. Not only that but two of our group were extremely uncomfortable with physical contact. One of those individuals is on the autistic spectrum and finds physical contact very uncomfortable but when it came to it they got on with the work without complaint.

In fact, the person who did not fully deliver on their promises was myself as I was late finishing off the soundscape.


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