Character Profile: Lammer ‘Lam’ Hunstar

Divinity Singularity: Lammer Hunstar


Lam is an 8th Gen Born Insider. His mother died during childbirth, a rare event in 3GA. Lam was raised by his father, Pawl-Tanna Hunstar among the Insiders. As a child he became firm friends with Daneet Junder. This friendship would be a feature of Lammer’s life until his apostasy.

Lam showed great skill as a kineticist and soon applied his studies to that school. He learned quickly and set the record the the youngest attainment of the rank of Master at the age of sixteen a full ten years younger than the previous youngest Master. Lam also attained the rank of Practitioner in the school of Neural Networking before his apostasy.

Aged 24 he was caught in an explosion caused by a faulty power storage unit. The Camera’s doctors were able to save his life but had to amputate both legs. During the surgery Lammer became aware of the Hastra as a discrete sentient entity within his body. Although he did not know what the entity was, how it got there or what its motivations were he recognised that it had the ability to impart upon the host religious experiences and the conviction that those experiences were true. Although his awareness of the Hastra faded after the event his memory of it did not and he began to question the doctrines of the Insiders.

This process of internal questioning lasted for six years. It is hard to keep secrets among a community of psychics and his questioning was discovered by his Neural Networking teacher, Sall Ninnf. Ninnf, who had herself become aware of a hidden agenda among the Preceptor’s Cabal, did not report Lammer or even censure him. Instead she taught him advanced neural firewall techniques to keep these questions hidden. Ninnf’s own doubts were discovered and she was executed by Daneet Junder. This proved to be the final straw for Lammer and he confronted his friend about the killing. A psionic battle ensued which Lammer barely survived.

Weakened from his confrontation with Junder Lammer made good his escape. He made it as far as Tsonit, a mining town near the Hadren Mountains, when the Watchdogs caught up with him. It was during this conflict that Lammer met, and was assisted by Pleach Mason who was in Tsonit investigating a murder.

After his escape Lammer relocated to Angil where he has resided ever since.

Psionic Abilities

Lammer is a Class VI psionic. He is a Master Kineticist and a Practitioner of Neural Networking. Due to his continuing research his skill level with Neural Networking is akin to that of a Master


  • Name: Lammer Hunstar (a.k.a. Lam)
  • Gender: male
  • Age: 39
  • Race/Ethnicity: Human, caucasian
  • Height: 198cm
  • Size: muscular
  • Health: Good. Due to his disability Lam put extra effort into maintaining his upper body strength.
  • Assets: Physically strong
  • Flaws: No legs
  • Sexuality: High libido – Lam is a hit with the ladies/men/other and does not mind sleeping around. He has to make regular visits to the STD clinic.
  • Voice: Deep, quiet, cultured
  • Family: The Hunstars (estranged)


  • Cultural background: Insider, Hycran
  • Intelligence: High
  • Temperament: Generally even tempered but impulsive where the Insiders are concerned.
  • Happiness: Lam is generally happy with his life. He enjoys running his bar, The Dusty Hole, and he enjoys the people of Angil.
  • Attitudes: Lam has a laid back, sardonic attitude. He is very protective of his bar and his regular customers and will brook no violence. He is pro-democracy, a view he keeps to himself in Galactic Enterprise controlled Angil.
  • Education: Lam was educated among the Insiders. He is a Master Kineticist and a Neural Networking Practitioner. Since his apostasy he has kept himself informed across a wide range of subjects. He is largely an auto-didact.
  • Self-Knowledge: High. Since his apostasy, in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the Hastra, Lam has engaged in a programme of daily meditation. As a result of this he has a high level of awareness of his motivations and unconscious aspects. Although his knowledge of the Hastra has not increased the entity has noticed the effects of meditation itself and has begun its own contemplative programme.
  • Unconscious Aspects: The Hastra.
  • Habits: Lam’s habits are originally self imposed disciplines. These include introspection, meditation, contemplation and self questioning. He does not indulge in unhealthy habits.
  • Occupation: Proprietor of The Dusty Hole.
  • Religion/Philosophy: Secular transcendent agnosticism/deism. Although Lam completely rejects the teachings of the Insiders and the established churches he does not completely reject the idea of a personal creator deity.
  • Sexual orientation: Pansexual. Lam will sleep with anyone including aliens.
  • Goals, ambitions, dreams: Lam wants to know the Hastra intimately. He also wants to run the best damned bar in Angil.
  • Secrets: Lam keeps his psionic skills a secret from everyone except Pleach Mason.
  • Fear / phobias: Lam has no phobias although he is not particularly fond of heights.
  • Favourite kind of music: Lam enjoys many types of music and often hires musicians to play at his bar. He tends to favour the melodic over the abrasive.
  • Sense of humour: Obscure. Lam finds thwarted expectations amusing.
  • Adrenaline moments: Lam gets excited by the prospect of a good game of chess and always has a board set up at The Dusty Hole.
  • Physical description: Brown hair, brown eyes, goatee beard, muscular torso and arms, thin face
  • Physical disabilities: double leg amputee


  • Says: “Coming right up”, “I think you’ve had enough”, “Mate in…”
  • Eats: Lam has a fondness for steak
  • Wears: Shirt, modified shorts.
  • Buys: Chess memorabilia
  • Works at: The Dusty Hole
  • Plays at: chess


  • Family: Lam’s parents are dead and he has no siblings. He is estranged from the wider Hunstar family.
  • Friends: Pleach Mason, Anguy D’Locke
  • Colleagues: Shammy, Bloris, Moxter
  • Birthplace: Hadren Mountains, Hycra
  • Childhood: Lam was raised at The Camera.
  • Education: Like all of the Insiders Lam has no formal education.
  • Hobbies: chess
  • Beliefs: Lam thinks that there probably is a creator deity of some kind. He is an agnostic deist in that he does not know if there is a God but if there is then he believes such a deity would not interfere with the universe.
  • Values: Lam believes in democracy. He is broadly a libertarian believing that people should be free to do as they wish as long as they do not harm others.
  • Lifestyle: Although he is not rich his bar does steady business and he does not have to worry about spending money.
  • Marital Status: bachelor
  • Religion: none
  • Professions: Bartender, business owner
  • Wealth: moderate


  • Wants: good games of chess, steady business, an easy life
  • Hopes: Lam hopes he gains a deeper understanding of the Hastra.
  • Fears: Lam fears becoming subsumed to the will of the Hastra.
  • Thoughts: When not thinking about his business Lam directs is thoughts towards self-knowledge.
  • Memories: Losing his legs & recovery, his first love
  • Resentments: Lam resents the Insiders. He also resents Stinlay Arethy, the only person he can’t consistently beat at chess.
  • Dreams: Lammer often has dreams in which he still has his legs.
  • Denial: He misses the Insiders.

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