The Divinity Singularity: Psionics


This is a collection of the various schools of psionics developed by the Insiders. Although not all of the abilities are intended to feature in the story some, such as Weaving and Transmutation are integral to the plot and will need to be properly fleshed out.

Individuals with psionic abilities, although rare, have been known to exist during humanity’s long history. The insect like Vi’Vavi have their own psionic disciplines and many members of that race display psionic talents. Although individuals with psionic abilities have existed there has never been a systemisation of psionic disciplines until the advent of the Insiders. Over their two hundred year history they have developed several psionic disciplines which have become comprehensive in their range and scope.



Kineticism is the art of moving object with the mind. Powerful kineticists are able to move extremely heavy objects and several kineticists working in concert have been known to move impossibly heavy objects (in GY14,192 fourteen kineticists working with two neural networkers moved the town of Tilmana five miles). As well as moving heavy objects skilled kineticists are capable of working with extreme precision and control. Kineticism synergises very well with meta-physiology and some individuals, such as Daneet Junder, are skilled in both disciplines making them very formidable opponents.


Photonists manipulate light. This allows them to create dazzling visual displays for entertainment and this was how the discipline was started. Photonism has several offensive and defensive capabilities. Photonists can create visual illusions so convincing that one cannot tell the difference between the illusion and the real thing. Photonists can also manipulate light to form defensive barriers, powerful offensive beams, blinding flashes and great heat.


Weaving is a another discipline that arose as a form of of entertainment. Weavers tell immersive stories by manipulating the perception cortexes in the brain. When one experiences a woven tale one experiences the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, tactile sensations associated with the story. Master Weavers can also manipulate the emotional centres of the brain so that the audience experiences the emotional states of the protagonist as well as the other aspects of the story. In the last fifty years or so some Weavers have begun to merge weaving with other artistic mediums. Pil, for example, paints pictures that she weaves sequences of emotional states that trigger upon viewing.

Weaving has a more insidious application. Weavers can project illusions into the mind that utilise all of the senses. Although photonists can create visual illusions these only have a visual component and it is for this reason that Weavers are considered the master illusionists of the Insiders rather than the photonists.


The school of Domination allows the practitioner to assert their will over others. Domination can range from powerful suggestions to complete control over the subject’s actions and emotional states.


Transmutation is the art of converting one element into another. It is the most important school of psionics for the Insiders as it is the Transmuters who will be responsible for the creation of the singularity when they cause Arvus, a red supergiant star, to go supernova.

Neural Networking



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