Experimental Week 2

Our second experimental task was to play with oil, sand and glass. I did not use sand due to the restrictions on using sand with the university cameras. Instead of carrying on with playing with sacred geometry, which was originally my intention, I decided to animate  a red wave. In my mind, the wave is both fire and water and it is meant to evoke Japanese paintings of oceans.

The first video was made with oil pastels on perspex with two strip lights underneath. The flickering effect was achieved by varying the shutter speed.In After Effects I set a frame rate of 12 fps and made each image three frames long. I overlapped the images by a frame and applied the Fade Out Over Layer Below effect.

The second animation was made by painting onto perspex with oil paint, this time with light above it. As time was short and the university was closed I was forced to finish animating sooner than I would have liked. This video was made at 6fps, with each image being three frames long as before.

The sound in both videos was made in Reson using the Subtractor synth. I created a sawtooth wave, applied a noise filter, and set an amplitude envelope with a very short attack and release and a high decay and sustain. I then created a Scream distortion unit and applied that effect to the sound. Back in the synth I right clicked the modulation wheel and selected Edit Automation. I automated the modulation wheel, which was set to affect the filter frequency, so that it rises to a peak and fades.

Finally I exported the loop. For the second video I deleted the modulation wheel’s first automated marker so that rather than rising and falling the sound just falls.


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