Bear Hunting #1

This task is about the creation of a production bible. We are to produce a production bible for a 10 minute adaptation of a children’s book suitable for broadcast at 4pm on Christmas Day.

  1. I loathe working in groups.
  2. I loathe children’s literature and having to make content for that audience.
  3. I would never pitch for such a work at such a broadcast time.

This led to a difficult start to the project where I voiced my displeasure and expressed the view that my distaste for the project would inevitably lead to a lack of quality in my work. This emotional outburst made the start of the project much more difficult than it needed to be.

We ended up choosing A Beginner’s Guide to Bear Spotting. Not my choice – I wanted to do The False Grandmother, Italo Calvino’s version of Red Riding Hood but the others were uncomfortable with the tone and preferred to do something that adhered more closely to the assignment brief. There was the possibility of adapting something from The Woman in the Moon, a book of folk tales from around the world in which the protagonists are women but I am still awaiting its arrival.

I’ll be writing the adaptation. Wish me luck.



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