Character Profile: Pilorne ‘Pil’ Hunstar


Pilorne ‘Pil’ Hunstar was born in GY 14,382 to Tan and Finsy Hunstar both of whom were Bonded. She was raised and educated at Camera, the sect’s Hadren mountain compound. Pil was an intelligent child with a flair for drawing and mathematics. She loved riding from an early age. When she was 12 she fell from her horse and broke her leg. She was not found for three days by which point the leg had become infected and had to amputated below the knee.

As an adult she became highly skilled as an artist and was much sought after by members of the Order for works of religious art.Many of her works adorn the walls of Camera and her works are viewed as sources of great inspiration within the Order. The level of adulation her work received had all but ensured her entry into the Preceptor’s Cabal, for which she was training. She is particularly well known for her works The Death of Light and The Face.

In GY 14,404 she fell in love with Thom Hanferson and became pregnant by him two years later. During the Hastra insemination she had an awakening experience in which she saw that she was being manipulated by the Order for her breeding potential for an end she did not know.

Psionic Abilities

Pil is a 10 generation Bonded. She is a Class VI empath but her abilities only manifest when she is painting.


  • Name: Pilorne Hunstar a.k.a. Pil
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 27
  • Race/Ethnicity: 10th generation Bonded (human/Hastra hybrid)
  • Height: 170cm
  • Size: Slim
  • Health: Good (pregnant)
  • Physical Strengths: None
  • Physical Weaknesses: Amputee, left leg missing below knee, robotic prosthetic
  • Sexuality: Playful, spontaneous
  • Voice: Light, lilting
  • Family: Tan Hunstar (father) Denrah Hunstar (mother) – extended Hunstar family


  • Cultural background: Religious sect – small village.
  • Intelligence: High
  • Temperament: Fierce, protective
  • Happiness: High – although the brains of the Bonded are very similar to those of human beings there are some differences such as increased levels of mood regulating transmitters such as serotonin and dopamine.
  • Attitudes: Broadly liberal with a strong libertarian streak. Rebellious.
  • Education: Generally high, although Pil received no formal education as all of her education was carried out by the Order of the Insiders
  • Self-Knowledge: Low. Pil thinks she is acting out of a protective maternal instinct to protect her unborn child. In reality she is being manipulated by the Hastra which intends to use her to leave the solar system and begin its slow spread across humanity.
  • Unconscious Aspects: Pil is completely unaware of the effects of the Hastra on her actions.
  • Habits: Pil plays with her hair when she is deep in concentration or performing a cognitively difficult task.
  • Occupation: None. Pil was studying the Ordinand’s Degree for admittance into the Preceptor’s Cabal when she experienced her moment of ‘awakening’.
  • Religion/Philosophy: Insider
  • Sexual orientation: Heterosexual (human)
  • Goals, ambitions, dreams: Pil’s current goals are to get away from the Insiders. Upon meeting Mason and discovering Hunstar’s plans her goal is to prevent those plans from coming to fruition. When it becomes clear that Hunstar’s plan is unstoppable her goal is to escape the solar system. All of these goals are being driven by the instinctual desires of the Hastra.
  • Secrets: Pil has a crush on Pawl Hunstar.
  • Fear / phobias: Pil is scared of heights and will not be persuaded to venture onto any open space where she might fall.
  • Favourite kind of music: Scritch – a type of electronic music.
  • Sense of humour: Bawdy, rude.
  • Adrenaline moments: Sneaking out of Camera to go to parties; galloping a horse.
  • Physical description: Slim, blonde hair, head shaved on left side, heavy make-up on left eye
  • Physical disabilities: Left leg amputated below knee. Non-cybernetic prosthetic.


  • Says: “oogily boogily”, “let’s spam us some zest!”
  • Eats: Balanced diet
  • Wears: Clothing made by the Insiders.
  • Buys: n/a – Pil has no money.
  • Works at: n/a
  • Plays at: Pil is skilled at riding horses.


  • Family: All of Pil’s family belong to the Order of the Insiders. Lammer Hunstar (uncle, apostate)
  • Friends: Pil has some friends she has made from going to Scritch parties.
  • Colleagues: n/a
  • Birthplace: Camera, Hadren Mountain, Hycra
  • Childhood: Pil was raised in the sect.
  • Education: Pil was educated within the sect. She received a fairly broad education and showed some early promise at mathematics but there was no one within the sect who could take her skills further. She has no formal qualifications.
  • Hobbies: Pil is a skilled artist. She is also a skilled horse rider.
  • Beliefs: Pil has a strong belief in the Order’s beliefs, having been surrounded by nothing but them since birth. When she encounters the world she finds the plethora of beliefs astounding, particularly atheism.
  • Values: Pil has a strong feeling for silence. When she leaves Camera she misses the stillness of the mountains more than anything else.
  • Lifestyle: Simple, frugal. Pil has no money and has difficulty in understanding the nature of the concept. She currently steals food in order to survive.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Religion: Order of the Insiders
  • Professions: None
  • Wealth: None


  • Wants: To escape the Order; safety for her unborn child; to meet God
  • Hopes: Pil hopes that her child grows up strong; she hopes that she gets to meet God even though she left the Order.
  • Fears: Pil’s greatest fear is that the Order will catch up with her and return her to Camera; once she leaves the planet her greatest fear is that she will encounter one of the off-world Bonded.
  • Thoughts: Psionic exercises; her friends at Camera
  • Memories: Her first Communion; her first kiss; her “awakening”
  • Resentments: Nancy Hunstar, one of her peers; the Order; the fact that she will never get to meet God
  • Dreams: Pil has a recurring dream in which she is with her friends in the Order as they await entry into the black hole. One by one her friends turn to her and censure her, turning into a skeleton as they do so.
  • Denial: Pil is completely unaware that her actions are being dictated by the instinctual needs of the Hastra.

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