Divinity Singularity Timeline


This is a time line to organise the backstory of The Divinity Singularity. It will probably be updated on a regular basis and elements of the story crystalise.

Early Days

GY 14,159: Pawl Hunstar falls into a patch of the Hastra and bonds with it on a molecular level forming an entirely new entity. Hunstar has a divine revelation and develops psionic abilities while the Hastra attains to sentience.

GY 14,164: Hunstar founds the Order of the Insiders, a sect predicated on the heretical view that God resides on the other side of black holes and that the Insiders had been chosen to be the harbingers of humanity’s ascension to paradise. To be ordained into the Order of the Insiders the supplicant is bonded with the Hastra during a ceremonial ritual. These individuals are known as Bonded Insiders.

GY 14,170 (circa): Hunstar initiates the Born breeding programme designed to breed psionically gifted human/Hastra hybrids called… the Born Insiders. Hunstar trains the Bonrn in psionic techniques and they begin the process of increasing the amount of lead in the red super giant star of their binary star system.

GY 14,190 (circa): Hunstar forms the Preceptor’s Cabal, an inner circle of Born that oversee the sect, determine which of the Proposed (people who may become Insiders) should be ordained and manage those Insiders resident of Clom and Hope’s End, the other two habitable planets of the solar system.

GY 14,194: Ablest Hunstar develops the psionic discipline of Weaving – psionic story telling that manipulates the audience’s perceptions and emotions as the story is being told.

GY 14,222: Pawl Hunstar dies. The Born breeding programme is in its third generation and the resulting children are showing considerable psionic potential. As he dies, Hunstar projects his consciousness into the body of Dav Hunlot who is the oldest of the third generation of Born at 16 years old. He adopts the name Pawl Hunstar II.

GY 14,229: The Insiders come to the attention of the Church of the Divine Singularity. The church denounces the Insiders as heretics. They view the idea that God resides on the other side of black holes as both horrific and preposterous. The orthodox position of the church is that black holes are a tool. One could no more use a black hole to meet God than a cabinet could use a hammer to meet the carpenter. The Insiders are excommunicated.

GY 14,230 – 14,259: The Corporations War. During this 29 year conflict TivMine inc. and Galactic Enteprise fight for control of Hycra’s tivfernium mine. The Insiders largely retreated to Camera, the Hadren mountain retreat. The mountain was owned by Galactic Enterprise who gifted the retreat to the Insiders in perpetuity after Hunstar psionically manipulated the board of directors.

GY 14,261: In the aftermath of the Corporations War TivMine inc enters bankruptcy. Galactic Enterprises becomes the dominant planetary shareholder. Pan Faen, a Bonded geneticist resident at Camera forms a splinter group within the Insiders predicated on the view that the Hastra is itself a god. Faen is killed in the attempted coup that follows. This sets back the Born breeding programme by a generation as Faen was the lead scientist on that team. As a result of this Hunstar thereafter ensures that the lead scientist of the breeding programme is a mind controlled Outsider.

GY 14,302: Pawl Hunstar II dies. The Born breeding programme is in its 7th generation. Upon projecting his consciousness into a new host Hunstar adopts the name Pawl Hunstar III.

GY 14,340: Pawl Hunstar III dies. Pawl Hunstar IV manifests.

Recent Past

GY 14,355: Lammer Hunstar born.

GY 14,356: Daneet Junder born.

GY 14,358: The 9th generation of Born represent a major change in the Hastra. With this generation a new specie of consciousness begins to emerge. The Hastra which up to this point had been largely dormant becomes more dominant in the new strain of consciousness. It develops a sense of its own self, its relationship to the Insiders and the plans of Hunstar and the Preceptor’s Cabal. It realises that in order to survive the oncoming singularity it needs to escape the solar system.

GY 14,367: Pleach Mason born

GY 14,370: Under the influence of the Hastra Canna Hunstar, a 10th generation Born attempts to escape from Camera. This marks the Hastra’s first attempt at escape. During the escape attempt Canna Hunstar is killed. Pawl Hunstar IV founds the Watchdogs, a regulatory body with powers to question any member of the sect.

GY 14,371: Lammer Hunstar attains the rank of Master Kineticist.

GY 14, 378: Daneet Junder joins the Watchdogs.

GY 14, 379: Lammer Hunstar loses both legs during an explosion caused by a faulty power storage unit. During the surgery he becomes fully aware of the existence of the Hastra and its tendency to impart religious experiences to its host. After this event he begins to question the validity of the doctrines of the Insiders.

GY 14,382: Pilorne Hunstar born.

GY 14,385: Lammer Hunstar turns apostate.

GY 14,406: Current day.


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