Character Profile: Pawl Hunstar


Pawl Hunstar was the eldest of three children born to born to Ricela and Frank Hunstar. The Hunstars worked in the tivfernium mining industry and his father succumbed to Hack Lung, a chronic debilitative condition common among tivfernium miners. After his illness Frank sought the solace of religion and the family converted to Singularism. Pawl enjoyed the church and came to believe its tenets. He showed promise as an engineer and studied plasma engineering at Asakara University.

During a trip to the mountains of Hadren Pawl fell into an underground lake and became covered by the Hastra, a sentient algae that had evolved in the radioactivity of tivfernium.. The Hastra bonded with Hunstar, dramatically reconstructing his brain in the process. As a result of this physiological reconstruction Hunstar developed several psionic abilities, the full extent of which are not known even to himself.

Hunstar’s subjective experience of the integration of the Hastra into his being was one of divine revelation, light and joy. God spoke to him and told him to seek God’s grace. He confirmed that Hunstar had been chosen to be Mankind’s harbinger of humanity’s ascension to paradise. Hunstar was rescued and brought to Asakara Hospital. Although he was treated for tivfernium radiation poisoning he never fully recovered and was wheelchair bound for the remainder of his life.

He bought an estate and retired there to experiment with his newly gained psionic abilities. Over the course of five years he drew people to him. He was careful to select Singularists that had become disaffected with the church. Once they were in his compound he exerted his considerable psionic influence to mentally dominate his flock. His psionic skill grew as his body failed until he could permanently transfer his consciousness into a new host.

Over the course of the next fifty years Hunstar continued to build his sect and develop his psionic skill. He began to cultivate the Hastra and fed it to pregnant mothers to produce psionically gifted offspring that were more compatible with the Hastra. Three generations into his psionic breeding programme he had produced children that were psionically strong enough to begin affecting the sun. He sent these offspring, known as Insiders, out into the solar system. Their function was two-fold: their prime function was to direct their psionic energy towards the sun. Hunstar’s plan was to gradually increase the density of the star by psionically converting the mass to iron precipitating a supernova. The Insiders have been performing this task ever since.

Hunstar currently resides at The Camera, the Hadren Mountain retreat near the spot he first encountered the Hastra.


  • Name: (current) Pawl Hunstar III (originally Pawl Hunstar)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 257 (24)
  • Race/Ethnicity: Human/Hastra symbiote, caucasian, white
  • Height: 180cm
  • Size: Slim
  • Health: Good/ fit
  • Assets: Adjusted to higher gravity / telekinesis; clairvoyance; clairaudience; telepathy; psychic domination
  • Flaws: none
  • Sexuality: none
  • Voice: smooth, cultured
  • Family: extended family of which he is the patriarch


  • Cultural background: working class / mining
  • Intelligence: genius level
  • Temperament: sanguine, cool, aloof
  • Happiness: Hunstar has a high level of satisfaction at the success of his plan.
  • Attitudes: Outsiders are not to be trusted and they are nothing more than tools for the Black Holers to use as they see fit; the sect is his to command
  • Education: Hunstar is very well educated, having had a long time in which to accumulate knowledge.
  • Self-Knowledge: high – Hunstar’s experiences with the psychotropic algae have completely transformed his consciousness. His motivations are clear and he does not obfuscate them.
  • Unconscious Aspects: Hunstar enjoys power over other people for its own sake.
  • Habits: Hunstar has never been able to shake the tobacco habit and has been a smoker for the last 150 years. This is even the case in hosts that have not previously smoked.
  • Occupation: Leader of the Divine Singularity (a.k.a the Black Holers)
  • Religion/Philosophy: Hunstar is a Singularist and a Black Holer.
  • Sexual orientation: None – Hunstar has not experienced sexual craving in over a century.
  • Goals, ambitions, dreams: Hunstar’s primary goal is to create a divine singularity through which he can travel and meet with God. All activity that Hunstar engages in serve this primary goal. His current goal is to breed a host that will be able to survive the psychic ritual needed to create the singularity.
  • Secrets: He knows that the Hastra is sentient. He fears this.
  • Fear / phobias: See above.
  • Favourite kind of music: Hunstar considers music a frivolity.
  • Sense of humour: none; Hunstar considers humour to be infantile.
  • Adrenaline moments: the completion of a successful breeding cycle; the transference of his consciousness into a new host.
  • Physical description: slim, pale skin, ginger hair, freckles, blue eyes, handsome
  • Physical disabilities: none


  • Says: “If there’s one thing history teaches us…”, “Keep faith”, “I am pleased/displeased”
  • Eats: Hunstar eats a wide variety of foods produced by members of his sect. He eats well.
  • Wears: Suits; smart trousers, shirt, jacket; favours purple and gold.
  • Buys: Hunstar has not had to buy anything in decades. He subsists entirely on the generosity of others.
  • Works at: Patriarch of the Divine Singularity
  • Plays at: Hunstar enjoys chess but can


  • Family: Hunstar has an extended family all of which are members of the Divine Singularity sect. He does not hold them in any higher regard than any other member of the sect.
  • Friends: Hunstar does not have friends. The people who believe him to be a friend are Thom Argent and Daneet Junder.
  • Colleagues: Thom Argent (geneticist); Daneet Junder (psionic master).
  • Birthplace: Hycra
  • Childhood: Hunstar was raised by miners from Danks, a tivfernium mining town. His parents were honest, hardworking people who strived to make better lives for Hunstar, his brother and his sister.
  • Education: Hunstar has completed high school level education. He was training for a degree level qualification in engineering but did not complete the course, dropping out in the third semester of the second year.
  • Hobbies: Hunstar used to enjoy drawing but has not done so in over a century.
  • Beliefs: Hunstar was raised as a Singularist and broadly believes the tenets of that faith. However he also holds the heretical belief that God could be reached if one could create a singularity that had been infused with psychic energy and if one had the means to survive such a journey.
  • Values: Hunstar values faith and obedience. He enjoys intelligence but only when it serves him.
  • Lifestyle: Hunstar lives a simple life but wants for nothing. Anything he asks for is provided.
  • Marital Status: Hunstar has no spouse.
  • Religion: Divine Singularist (Black Holer)
  • Professions: none
  • Wealth: n/a – Hunstar has no personal wealth. He relies on the donations of his disciples which are plentiful. The sect’s treasuries have always been in rude health.


  • Wants: Hunstar wants a union with God. He wants a class V psionic host. He wants to travel through the divine singularity.
  • Hopes: Hunstar has various hopes about the flourishing of his sect. He also hopes that no one attempts to interfere with his plans.
  • Fears: Hunstar fears the Hastra.
  • Thoughts: Hunstar’s thoughts are driven by his goal of creating a singularity. Much of his time is given over to the psionic manipulation of the sun. Hunstar is in the process of writing an exegetical text that outlines his beliefs. He often thinks about this project.
  • Memories: The feeling of peace and contentment he experienced at church as a child; light & choirs; his encounter with the Hastra.
  • Resentments: Hunstar resents the Singularists. Cardeff Slorne, the current High Priest has been active in his condemnation of heresy within the church and has excommunicated the Black Holers for their heretical views.
  • Dreams: Hunstar dreams of a vast ocean web. He rides the waves of the web. They threaten to engulf him but he always manages to remain on the crest. Very rarely he will dream about his mother.
  • Denial: He is being manipulated by the Hastra. God may not exist.

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