Two men go on a Grindr date. One of the men is homosexual and is just looking for a blow-job. Anal would be a plus. The other is not interested in sex, he is probably firmly heterosexual. He is lonely and is using Grindr to hang out with people. Gradually the gay man begins to realise that a blow job is probably not going to be forthcoming and becomes frustrated. Eventually he confronts the straight man who confesses his real intentions. When the gay man realises the extent of the straight man’s loneliness he invites him to a movie/party/other social event out of compassion.

This piece would be a comedy/tragedy. The comic elements are derived from the gay man’s frustration as he realises that his partner does not want sex. The tragedy derives from the lonely straight man using Grindr as a means of social contact.

The piece should be bittersweet, both characters relatable and easy to empathise with. The tone is Ken Loach crossed with Victoria Wood.



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