Character Profile: Harry Roberts


  • Name: Harry Roberts
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 10
  • Race/Ethnicity: White, Caucasian, English
  • Height: 121 cm
  • Size: overweight
  • Health: generally good
  • Assets: strength
  • Flaws: not very agile
  • Sexuality: n/a
  • Voice: child
  • Family: Father, sister


  • Cultural background: English, scavenger
  • Intelligence: average
  • Temperament: aggressive, angry
  • Happiness: low
  • Attitudes: distrustful, prone to suspicion
  • Education: none
  • Self-Knowledge: low
  • Unconscious Aspects: Harry is terrified of the apocalyptic world. His aggression is a cover for his fear.
  • Habits: picks his nose when he thinks no one is looking
  • Occupation: n/a
  • Religion/Philosophy: none/atheist
  • Sexual orientation: n/a
  • Goals, ambitions, dreams: Harry’s goals revolve around the acquisition of food. Once he starts to encounter other people his goals become the acquisition of power.
  • Secrets: Harry has found an underground bunker. Built by a paranoid conspiracy theorist it has enough food to last his family for years and is very secure. He does not know why he has not told his family about the bunker; whenever he is outside alone and he encounters an animal, such as a cat or a dog, he kills it.
  • Fear / phobias: Harry has an extreme fear of the apocalypse in the abstract. He has a great terror of the implications of the apocalypse but fears nothing about the apocalypse itself, until the advent of the Gobbler.
  • Favourite kind of music: rap
  • Sense of humour: Dark. Harry finds the suffering of others amusing.
  • Adrenaline moments: Fighting; killing.
  • Physical description: Overweight, broad face, wide mouth, wide upturned nose, blue eyes, brown hair
  • Physical disabilities: none


  • Says: “You’re not the boss of me”, “you…mofo!”
  • Eats: Mostly tinned food
  • Wears: Red hoodie, turquoise t-shirt, dark grey tracksuit bottoms, blue trainers, improvised armour made from lino. Harry’s hoodie has one arm ripped off. This is a piece of visual foreshadowing as Harry will lose his right arm.
  • Buys: n/a
  • Works at: n/a
  • Plays at: When Harry can get batteries he enjoys playing with his PSP.


  • Family: Father (ill, post liver transplant patient), Sarah (sibling), rest of family deceased
  • Friends: none
  • Colleagues: Sarah
  • Birthplace: Haringey, London
  • Childhood: ongoing
  • Education: none – disrupted due to the apocalypse
  • Hobbies: killing animals; playing with his PSP
  • Beliefs: Harry believes that this is the end of the world. Until they encounter Tom he believes they are the only people left alive.
  • Values: Harry is a profoundly disturbed individual. The violence inherent in a world overrun by Groaners is turning Harry into a psychopath. The shock of losing his arm, the separation from his sister and his plunge into a world filled with monsters and War Gangs transform Harry from a secretly scared boy into a truly terrifying individual.
  • Lifestyle: Frugal, scavenger
  • Marital Status: n/a
  • Religion: none
  • Professions: n/a
  • Wealth: none


  • Wants: Food, water, chocolate, batteries
  • Hopes: Harry hopes that his family are safe forever
  • Fears: The world
  • Thoughts: Harry often thinks about his bunker. He also thinks about Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, his favourite PSP game.
  • Memories: Harry remembers his mother often.
  • Resentments: Harry resents his sister for her bossiness.
  • Dreams: Harry often daydreams of situations in which he is a king or emperor.
  • Denial: Harry would strongly deny any fear. Suggesting he is scared is enough to provoke him to anger.

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