Inchoate: Finished Recording

Audio, Sound & Score: Inchoate Final REcording Session
The Inchoate: Final Recording Session

We finished the recording of the sounds for the soundscape yesterday. We recorded Daithi playing the erhu, a Chinese violin, before heading out into Hanley park to record the sound of trees breaking. We used the Zoom H6 recorder to achieve this. Obviously, we took care to only break branches that had already been cut from the trees.

Once we had secured the sound of the branches we headed back into the studio to record the pages of the tome and the zipper.

When we came to mixdown the sounds it became apparent that the branches we had recorded sounded too small to represent a tree. We manipulated the sounds using EQ and pitch shifting to give them more weight. Although the sound was better we decided to mix the sound with a sample of a tree falling taken from Freesound to give it more weight.

The environmental sounds were taken from Cam’s sound library, as were the gunshots. The sound of the Inchoate screaming was produced by recording Cam screaming and manipulating the sounds by applying distortion and duplicating the results at higher frequencies. We tried to apply some of the principles outlined in The Sound of Jurassic World which describes how the sound designers of Jurassic World created the sounds of the park’s creatures.

Cam has a workflow in which she largely mixes down as she is recording. This meant that the mixdown process was relatively brief. One thing that became apparent was that Josh’s performance of D.I. Wilson was too long. We had to trim a sentence from one of his lines in order to make it fit. Another problem that emerged from Josh’s performance was that the tone of the lines were not congruent. This was because we had recorded the lines individually rather than as a whole piece of dialogue. This was because neither of the actors knew the script, Josh because he had been having difficulty accessing his emails and Caz because she was brought into the project at the last moment. In the future I think I’ll record the actors together so that the dialogue flows more naturally.

The recording of the performance has also raised another issue: rehearsal. As Tanzie, the female actor who was to play the part of Dr. Dennett, and Josh had agreed to take part in the project as an extra-curricular activity I did not feel that I could intrude upon their time. Although I did suggest a rehearsal this was only once and only to one of the actors. Upon reflection I realise that a professional actor would expect a rehearsal. In the future I shall be making rehearsal a part of the production process.


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