Inchoate: Failed Foley

I received a call from Cam Nutter last night in which she said that the recordings we had made of Josh and Caz acting out the parts of D.I. Wilson and Dr. Dennett had been corrupted. This meant that we would have to rerecord both parts. Although I found the news somewhat distressing as the module seemed to be crumbling around me I booked a studio through SISO so that we could rerecord the dialogue. A couple of hours later Cam informed me that she had been able to reclaim the files from the studio. As I had the studio booked I thought I would take the opportunity to record the snapping of the twigs. It turns out that you really cannot operate a two room studio with one man, certainly not a man who has little to no knowledge of professional recording booths.

I’m meeting with Cam at 4.30 to record the erhu and other foley sounds and do the mixdown. As I have an extension due to my learner’s agreement I plan to book a Zoom recorder tomorrow and record some branch breaking outside with larger pieces of wood.


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