Inchoate: Failed Recording

Yesterday was extremely disappointing. I collected some branches in the morning for the foley recording session we had booked for 4.30. I arrived at the Cadman studio with the branches and Daithi who we were going to record playing the erhu, a Chinese violin. Cam, the sound student, was not at the studio and was not online on Facebook. As I do not have her phone number, as I do not possess a mobile phone, I was unable to contact her. She did not show up to collect the necessary equipment and the security policy at the Cadman studio dictated that she would be unable to gain access to the studio for the remainder of the evening. We had no choice but to leave.

This was especially galling as I had managed to arrange for Tanzie, the female actor who was to play the part of Dr Dennett, to be recorded at 6.30. I had to cancel that arrangement and Tanzie is not available for the remainder of the term. This means that I will have to use Caz’s performance as Dr. Dennett. It also means that we will not be able to record the foley sounds until Thursday evening and the assignment is due for submission on Friday.



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