Inchoate Recording #2

Audio, Sound & Score: Inchoate Recording Session #2
Image album: recording the dialogue

Recorded the dialogue for The Inchoate today. The female actor did not turn up for the session and her phone was switched off which made her uncontactable. Luckily Caz agreed to step in at the last minute and act the female part.

Although I had booked out two different microphones, a Shure KSM32 and a Beyer MCE58, we only used the Shure microphone during recording as there was only one microphone stand in the recording booth. We recorded Caz first and then Josh, the drama student playing the part of D.I. Wilson. We used Pro Tools to facilitate the recordings.

Caz did very well, especially given how little time she had to prepare. Josh’s performance was excellent. The quality of it was superior to Caz’s performance and far better than anything I could have done. This is not to disparage Caz who performed excellently but the difference in the quality of the performance indicates to me that securing the services of trained actors is far preferable to using amateurs.


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