Midnight Medicine Run Beat Sheet

Opening Image

  • A ruined cityscape, distant fires, burnt out cars, destroyed buildings.
  • A padlocked door.
  • Two children, Sarah and Harry, crouching by a car and scouting out the road.

The Approach

  • Harry is impatient. He stands up. Sarah pulls him back down.
  • They have a non-verbal discussion: Harry turns to look at Sarah and scowls at her. He goes to stand up. Sarah places a restraining hand on his chest.
  • Harry brushes Sarah’s hand away and stands. Impatiently, he storms off in the direction of the pharmacy. Sara follows, annoyed.
  • He accidentally kicks a can down the road. The sound makes them freeze for a moment.
  • A shadow follows them, flitting from rooftop to rooftop.

The Door

  • Sarah kneels and picks the lock. Harry stands guard. He hears a noise and begins pestering Sarah to hurry by frantically tapping her shoulder.
  • There are shapes in the shadows. We hear the noise too – a groaning sound.
  • The lock is picked. They slip inside.

Sibling Conflict

  • Harry berates Sarah for bossing him around. Sarah calls him stupid. They bicker. Sarah tells him to look for the drugs while she gets bandages. Harry says that one day he will be in charge.


  • Tom drops down from a skylight, startling Sarah. He informs her that the pharmacy is surrounded. Sarah is smitten with Tom and cannot form words.
  • harry appears from the back. He has found the drugs! He confronts Tom who repeats his warning that thew pharmacy is surrounded.
  • They leave via Tom’s rope.

Daring Escape

  • The trio run across the rooftop and drop onto a bin in an alley. There is a groaner there which Harry despatches.
  • Three more groaners are blocking the exit. There is a thrilling fight.

Such Sweet Sorrow

  • Tom has to return to his father. He explains that his father is a scientist who is researching the groaners. It is clear that Sarah is still smitten with Tom and that this feeling is somewhat reciprocated. Harry is jealous and surly.
  • Sarah and Tom agree to meet again. Tom gives Sarah his address and they separate. Sarah and Harry enter the tower block. Harry mocks Sarah for ‘being in love’.

Closing Image

  • The entrance to the tower block. Groaners can be heard.
  • Reveal: a huge crowd of groaners approaching the tower block entrance.

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