Harry’s Hoodie

CharacterImplementation: Harry's Hoodie
Album of screen shots of the creation of Harry’s Hoodie

Started and finished Harry’s hooded woolen top. The texture has issues, errors I have chosen to leave in as a marker of areas in which I need to improve. There is an issue in my handling of UV maps, especially as they are applied to curved surfaces.

To make the hoodie I duplicated the required faces from the base mesh and enlarged them on the Y axis (up in Maya 3D space). I removed the face and the hand and straightened the edge of the sleeve using the scale too.

I removed the ears, selected the edge around the resulting hole and used the Fill Hole function to create the new faces. I turned on object symmetry and created more faces by splitting the central edge and connecting the new vertices. I then repositioned the vertices around the ear so that the hood covered the ear completely.

I selected the edge of the hood and flattened using the scale tool and positioned the newly flattened edge using the rotate and position tools. I used the scale tool to draw in the top half of the hood before turning symmetry off and played around with the edge of the hood to produce a non-symmetrical look.

I turned symmetry back on and tried tidying up the faces by deleting edges and moving edges and vertices. I think it was this phase of the process that results in the erroneous final texture.

I UV mapped the mesh and applied a mia_material_x which I coloured red( RGB 151, 0, 11), a tint of the root colour of his colour scheme. I turned the reflectivity and glossiness of the material down and applied a cloth texture as a bump map. The initial render results were disappointing so I removed the bump map and applied the cloth texture as a displacement map.

Altering the Repeat UV in the place2dTexture node and the width and wave settings in the cloth node’s Cloth Attributes allowed me to create a woolen texture.

I’m going to use the dungarees and trainers that came with the model. Although I would like to create armour for him, as per the character design, I have to bear in mind the small amount of time I have left.

As far as Sarah goes I’m going to use the model straight as it comes out of the MakeHuman software


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