Score Animatic

Made a simple animatic for Coral Andrew and David Smith who will be composing and performing the score. Coral will be playing piano and David the Erhu, a Chinese violin.

I made the animatic in After Effects. I made an Output comp of 60 seconds. Inside that I placed two other compositions. The first, TheSearch, contains storyboard images of the pair discovering some mucus. The second composition details the arrival of the monster and Wilson’s plunge into insanity. I made a third composition for the gunshots to allow me to move the sounds and image together should the need arise.

Other than the monster scream, which was made by Cam Nutter, the sounds were sourced from Freesound. They will be replaced with foley recordings in the final submission. The video has been uploaded to YouTube and sent to Coral and David.


Audio, Sound & Score: Inchoate Score Animatic Project
score animatic after effects screenshot album



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