Reassessment, Priorities

Find out the subtle points over which it is easy to prevail, attack what can be overcome, do not attack what cannot be overcome.

The Art of War

Over the last month or so, since my interaction with ******, I have been under increasing amounts of internal emotional pressure. My threat system has been quite active while on Uni grounds and my inability to solve a problem that could not be solved only served to increase the emotional pressure.This resulted in my first dissociative seizure in at least six months a few days ago.

Therefore, it is time to take stock, assess and prioritise.

Character Implementation

Main Project Brief

This project, a 60 second dialogue free animation featuring two interacting characters makes up 70% of the module. My difficulties with displacement mapping the Mudbox models means that I am behind on this work. Given the the percentage of the module mark this project represents it is essential that I turn something in. My priorities are:

  1. Create models for Harry and Sarah in MakeHuman.
  2. Import figures into Maya and rig them so they can be animated.
  3. Create road environment using duplicate assets.
  4. Shoot test footage.
  5. Source sounds.
  6. Create simple animatic from storyboard.
  7. Animate according to storyboard.
  8. Score, if time allows.

I may make the animatic in 3D, which I suppose would make it a pre-vis. That may be the best option.

I still need to shoot test footage. Unfortunately I’ve been a little bit abrupt with one of my volunteers. Not rude, the mask of politeness was on but she keeps asking me how I am which is not a question I want to answer at the moment. I’ll have to see if the established rapport is strong enough to be able to mitigate that. As a side note, the reason I have not shot the footage so far is because I am experiencing a strong aversion to doing it. It’s almost as if I have a fear of experimentation.

I am confident enough that I’ll be able to produce something that will suffice in the remaining time.

Green Screen

This project makes up 30% of the module marks. I need to reshoot my footage as the camera was slightly out of focus. I may bring my camera into the Uni as I don’t like the Canons. I also need to create and animate a fly and a table asset. This project has fallen by the wayside for me. I should be devoting a day a week to this.

Audio, Sound & Score

Lip Synch

I have yet to really begin work on this. I have created a cart, but that’s it. I need to begin thinking about the environment (a brick tunnel such as you would see under a canal bridge) and the models. As I’ll be animating both characters this time round I’ll need to plan OTS camera shots so a storyboard will be needed.

  1. Create and texture tunnel wall.
  2. Adjust Walter and Emma rigs to suit the role of gong farmers.
  3. Storyboard.
  4. Shoot test footage if actors can be found.
  5. Dope sheet.
  6. Block animation.
  7. Lip-synch first pass.
  8. Lip-synch second pass.

The only step I might miss is the test footage. I loathe acting on camera. I am far too self-conscious and this renders any footage shot essentially useless. I feel confident enough with the rig to be able to produce a satisfactory animation but I need to get moving on this. This is due on November 30th.

Sound Design

I feel fairly confident about this. Cam has agreed to produce foley and environmental sounds. I’ve sent the script to one of the actors, I’ll send the same to the second actor today. Coral and David are going to be producing the score and I am confident enough in my abilities with audacity to be able to produce something that complies with the module requirements and sounds good.

  1. Record environmental sounds.
  2. Record foley sounds.
  3. Record dialogue.
  4. Record score performance.
  5. Mixdown in Audacity.

Short Script

I managed to submit this a day early. In my eagerness to submit however I may have erred in that I submitted the script only, not any of the supplemental material that went into its development. I’ll email those to Robin, hopefully that will be sufficient. If not, I may be able to add them to the Sound Design project. I’ll have to ask Stuart.

Looking Ahead

Over the Christmas break I plan to experiment with the Maya/Mudbox pipeline. My aim will be to create a textured, rigged and animated model using that workflow.

Next semester my intention is to try and insert myself onto a ZBrush pipeline module. My gut feeling is that Mudbox will fade away and that Zbrush is the place to look if I want to develop a pipeline that will allow me to produce AAA quality work for my 3rd year FMP and beyond.

I also intend to investigate Substance Painter on the recommendation of Paul Lucking. I want to give myself a working knowledge of as many tools as possible.

Although my intention is to develop a ZBrush based pipeline I think it is important that I can make the Mudbox pipeline work so that I have a fallback in case of catastrophic disaster with the prior.


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