Mapping Harry

Another day of wrestling with displacement mapping. Kyle Green, a masters student, came in and spent over an hour with me going over the issue. He thinks the problem lies with the UV map. He suggested I import a low res mesh into Maya, work on the topology and UV map in Maya then reimport the mesh back into Mudbox to create the displacement map. I’ll be trying that this afternoon.

It is frustrating that there does not appear to be a member of staff with sufficient knowledge of the 3D applications to be able to extract the maps successfully. Given the current state of 3D animation in film, television and gaming this seems a strange set of affairs.

I am giving myself four more days to resolve the issue. If I do not have a model ready for rigging that meets my quality requirements by then I’ll have to download the models from the Autodesk Character Creator website. This would be especially disappointing as I do not think that website carries child models


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