Rev. h+ Pleach Mason


Pleach Mason was born to Gath and Planette Mason who were murdered when he was four years old. He was taken in by the Holy Fraternity of the Junction, a little known order of the Church of Transhumanism (abbrev. h+). At 14 he became a novice within the church and received his first implant, an augmented reality HUD, upon his ordination a year later.

He was a devout reverend and quickly rose through the Church of h+. Five years after his ordination he joined the Boolean Order, a branch of the church dedicated to rooting our heresy and corruption.

He became known as an uncompromising Inquisitor of the Boolean Order and was known for the harshness of his sentencing. Some years after joining the order he discovered a plot by the Church of h+ elders to create an artificial intelligence to act as a new prophet and spread the influence of the church. Mason stopped the plan from coming to fruition, executing Arch Reverend Sall in the process.

Sall was beloved by the church and many people refused to believe he committed the heresies attributed to him. Rev. h+ Strenak, the head of the Boolean Order, discovered a plot to assassinate Mason that invloved several high ranking clergy. Strenak refused to arrest the conspirators on the grounds that it would prove irreparably harmful to the church.

Mason withdrew from the church and settled on Hycra, a planet rich in tivfernium which is an element used in the fuel required for interstellar travel. He became a Lawman and moved to a mining town called Angil.

Mason has acquired a reputation as being as uncompromising a Lawman as he was an Inquisitor. He is beloved by the people of Starport City for killing Stormgun, a crazed murderer that terrorised the inhabitants of that city. He arrested the High Priest of the Singularity (a religion that believes that God resides in black holes) for embezzling church funds. He hunted down and executed the Blood Hand Gang who  had kidnapped Elizzie Banz, juvenile daughter of the Mayor of Angil.

He is best known for protecting presidential candidate Morely Morn from assassination at the hands of the Network Guild. The cabal that hatched that plot are currently serving ten years hard labour in the Kister Mountain tivfernium mines.

Audio, Sound & Score: Music As Character
Sketches of Pleach Mason


  • Name: Rev h+ Pleach Mason
  • Gender: male
  • Age: 39
  • Race/Ethnicity: Human (modified)
  • Height: 6″1′
  • Size: muscular build
  • Health: generally good
  • Assets: speed, strength, toughness, augmentations
  • Flaws: addiction, alienation
  • Sexuality: low, repressed
  • Voice: authoritative, deep, metallic undertone
  • Family: none (orphan)


  • Cultural background: raised by a religious order
  • Intelligence: highly intelligent; cybernetic processor modules enhance his cognitive abilities
  • Temperament: taciturn, uncompromising
  • Happiness: low
  • Attitudes: well disposed towards augmented humans; bigoted towards non-augmented humans; neutral to most alien species; despises AI
  • Education: high school equivalent; ecclesiastical degree; training in firearms and hand to hand combat
  • Self-Knowledge: Mason is not given to introspection and lacks self awareness; all of his piercing attention is directed outwards
  • Unconscious Aspects: Mason has a strong need for order which stems from the death of his parents at the hands of raiders; his entire adult life has been an attempt to stamp order onto an inherently chaotic universe
  • Habits: smoking, drinking, cleaning his guns
  • Occupation: Lawman (current)
  • Religion/Philosophy: Transhumanist
  • Sexual orientation: heterosexual (augmented human women only)
  • Goals, ambitions, dreams: Mason has no long term plans beyond securing whiskey, buying augmentations and maintaining order.
  • Secrets: Mason thinks cats have sentience
  • Fear / phobias: Old age; death; Mason is terrified of being weak.
  • Favourite kind of music: Mason does not listen to music
  • Sense of humour: dry, wry and dark
  • Adrenaline moments: combat, near death experiences
  • Physical description: tall human; tanned skin; cybernetic right arm; titanium skull plate; cybernetic eye module
  • Physical disabilities: none


  • Says: “holy interface” “Alpha be damned!” “surrender or die, makes no difference to me”
  • Consumes: meat, whiskey, cigars, amphetamines, siliphines
  • Wears: dusty trousers, coat, boots and top hat; sidearms; fusion blade
  • Buys: meat, whiskey, cigars, amphetamines, siliphines, augmentations, guns
  • Works at: Lawman for the town of Angil on the planet Hycra
  • Plays at: card games


  • Family: none
  • Friends: Dramenf Snaith, High Priest of the Singularity
  • Colleagues: law enforcement colleagues in Angil
  • Birthplace: unknown
  • Childhood: raised by the Holy Fraternity of the Junction, a little known sect of thew h+ church
  • Education: educated within the h+ church; gained an ecclesiastical degree
  • Hobbies: poker
  • Beliefs: Mankind is raw clay that needs to be shaped and moulded before it is fully realised; AI is an abomination; non-augmented humans are nothing more than animals; the law is a reflection of the order of mathematics; the Book of Modification (h+ Bible) is the literal truth; Alpha, the h+ prophet, revealed the truth of God to himself through augmentation; cats have sentience.
  • Values: Mason has a strong moral code and a desire for order.
  • Lifestyle: Mason is either working, playing poker at Slops or sleeping; sometimes he eats.
  • Marital Status: single
  • Religion: Transhumanist
  • Professions: Lawman of Angil (current); True Brother of the Boolean Order (ex)
  • Wealth: low/ waged


  • Wants: order/peace; whiskey; augmentations; to be readmitted into the h+ church
  • Hopes: that the current antagonist is thwarted in their plans; that the h+ church defrocks the higher clergy
  • Fears: death; old age; frailty
  • Thoughts: rigid; straight; logical
  • Memories: the murder of his parents by raiders; his first implant; his confrontation with Rev. h+ Borz Strenak, head of the Boolean Order
  • Resentments: Mason resents the h+ church
  • Dreams: due to his augmentations Mason no longer dreams. When he sleeps his processing module performs several heuristic scans of the day’s events. Any new insights from these scans become available to Mason upon waking.
  • Denial: his need for order stems from witnessing the death of his parents; he is lonely

Caribou (Vitamin String Quartet)

Caribou (Pixies Original)


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