Inchoate Presentation

We pitched our ideas to the Music Tech students today. When it came to my turn the PC froze while reading my hard drive. As I had prepared a video for the presentation it was essential that I have a working computer. We decamped to the animation department and I made my presentation there.

The incident affected my presentation quite strongly. My prep for the presentation went out the window and I barely made it through my prepared script coherently. There was one point where I completely forgot what I was supposed to be saying even though the words were printed on a piece of paper in front of me.

It was really quite a horrible experience. I am constantly surprised by how strongly affected I am by inconsequential matters. You’d think that I would have gotten used to it by now.

In any event, I suppose the presentation can be classed as a success. One of the music student seemed very keen to work with me. She recognised the Lovecraftian influences although I did not mention Lovecraft during my presentation. I imagine the images of Cthulhu in the video helped.

I sent an email to the drama tutor a couple of days ago to see if I could grab some student actors. So far no response. I’ll send another with a link to the video as a gentle reminder.


Inchoate Presentation Video


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