Crossing the Finish Line

The rendering is complete. In order to produce the finished video, the images were imported into After Effects as an image sequence and interpreted at 24fps – a setting in After Effects allows you to determine at what rate the imported image sequences are played back. This was then rendered out and the subsequent footage imported into Premiere Pro where it was encoded as an mp4 at 720p resolution.

Finishing this assignment on time was an important personal milestone. Although I have a learner’s agreement my preference would be to never have to use it. I am pleased that I am able to complete work on time.

The greatest impediment to the completion of the assignment was my own anxiety. Fear of failure is a strong motivating force that can prove quite incapacitating. My unfamiliarity with the rig, as well as my inexperience in 3D animation provoked this fear response and this delayed my engagement with the assignment.

Once I began working with the rig my anxieties proved to have no grounding in reality, as all anxieties do. I am currently experiencing similar anxiety in relation to the Character Implementation module.

I am somewhat satisfied with the quality of animation. I have only attempted lip synching once before some three or four years ago and I think my inexperience shows, especially in the early portion of the film but I think one can see a marked improvement in the quality of the animation as the piece progresses.

If I had not allowed my anxiety to prevent me from working on the piece earlier I would have had time to go back and refine the animation throughout to give it a more polished look. Having said that, a part of me is pleased that there is a piece of work extant that shows some progress rather than just being a polished piece.

It is my intention to use the same rig for next month’s competition. Having become somewhat familiar with the workings of the rig I am confident that I will be able to produce an animation of a higher quality overall.

Due to the time constraints caused by my inaction during this assignment I had to make compromises during the rendering process. The finished film had to be rendered at 720 resolution, rather than 1080 which is normally the minimum resolution I would contemplate using.

Render time is going to be an issue for all of my work and is going to be something that I will need to factor in earlier in the process. I will have to see about using the University machines as a render farm. If I can then I may be able to render more than one frame at a time which may in turn allow me to render at a higher quality overall.

Final Video


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