The Final Stretch

I finished the lip sync animation this morning and I have now entered the rendering phase. I believe I am reaching the limits of my PCs processing power. I want to get the assignment finished without having to use my learner’s agreement to get an extension. In order to do this I have overclocked my PC to 4.4 GHZ (the highest I can OC it stably – normally I run it at 4) and I have taken the decision to do the final render at 720p resolution rather than 1080.

It has taken me a while to find render settings that satisfy my quality requirements and meet the time constraints. I have had to compromise quality. In many respects this is not so important as it was never my intention to submit this piece of work to the competition (although if the rendering finishes in time I might just for the hell of it, I’ll have to check if 720 is acceptable).


With the compromises I have made to the quality of the image it takes a frame a little over 2 minutes to render. With 280 frames to render in total that’s a total render time of approximately 10 hours. I’ll be able to do that by tomorrow’s end and have this assignment finished on time but it’s a scary thought for when I want to render in 1080p and higher.

The Walter rig is simple to use and I found that I was able to make the appropriate mouth shapes. The only word that gave me any real difficulty was the word ‘leather’ near the end of the audio. Upon reflection this is perhaps something that can be fixed in the dope sheet phase: potentially tricky mouth shapes could be flagged. This would, of course, require me to have a level of knowledge and experience with lip-syncing that I do not currently possess.


I have begun rendering the animation. It takes a little over an hour to render a second of footage. I’ll leave my PC rendering overnight – it should be finished in about 7 or 8 hours.

I have been giving some thought to H105. The PCs in there are hardly used and I would like to be able to use some or all of them as a rendering farm. I’ll have to see how difficult that would be to implement.


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