The Collaboration Net

Wrote a description of the Inchoate including details of its physical form, digestion, its protective mucus and its growth into maturity. The next piece of supplemental material I plan to write is a history of the Mahabhairavacaryavatara, the text that is used to both summon and banish the Inchoate.
The production of this material is an important part of the creative process for me. Although it is not necessary for the module it is necessary for me to feel invested in the work.

Even though this module is no doubt supposed to be focussed on the soundscape, in my mind the world building and myth making is just as important.

I sent an email to Robert Marsden, the drama tutor, asking if he thought any of his students would be willing to do some voice acting for the piece. I sent him the script, beat sheet, character profiles and sketches.

I have completed the mood video. It needs to be encoded and uploaded but I’ll do that next week as the weekend will be devoted to finishing and rendering the 11 Second Club animation.


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