Story Developments

It turns out that I am unable to make a backwards compatible version of the file. This is not too much of a headache but it will mean I have to complete the work at University. Let’s hope the library is running the same version of After Effects as the animation department.

Have not yet started on a second draft of the beat sheet, although I did have thoughts about Wilson’s nightmare. It seems to me that this represents an excellent way of showing his deteriorating state of mind as well as showing us how he feels about his wife’s death.

The nightmare starts with the couple in the back of a bus. The bus is being pursued by military police. They stop the bus and board. Wilson pulls out a knife and cuts his wife’s throat. Then we cut to him being chased by hooded figures underground as in the first draft.

Given the workload we are under it may be that I do not continue to work on the beat sheet any further for this module. Even though there are improvements to be made to the structure and content it serves its purpose in providing a context for the animatic to take place in.

Required Sounds

  •  Score: this needs to be instrumental. Preferably piano or violin. Or both. As the scene is lifted from the climax of the story the music will need to reflect this.
  • Atmospheric: Rain, wind, thunder.
  • Dialogue: two actors will be needed to record the dialogue. There’s a theatre on the Uni grounds so there must be actors. One male and one female. The male actor will have to convincingly portray someone whose mind has snapped and whose only available response is to scream as the madness descends.
  • Foley: breaking trees, gunshots, Inchoate’s scream. The atmospheric sounds will be too loud to allow for things like footsteps or the zip of the bag.

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