I found a tutorial on that utilises the Walter rig. Although they use the female rig (Emma) in the video, the controls are exactly the same. The facial controls are actually relatively straightforward.

I animated 173 frames out of the 280 that make up the clip. The animation is basic, mostly because this is my second attempt at lip synching and my first was attempted some three years ago.

Having used the rig I am now confident that I will have the animation completed by Monday. This exercise has highlighted a flaw in my personality. I experience anxiety that I will not be able to understand or master a specific activity. This anxiety is so profound that it can prevent me from acting even when not acting is clearly to my detriment.

This is especially difficult because when I do eventually force myself to work with my fear of failure, rather than be dominated by it, the results are often good. If I had taken responsibility for my anxiety earlier I have no doubt that I would have produced a much better piece of work.

I am now feeling much more confident that I will produce a piece of work I consider worthy of submission to November’s 11 Second Club.



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