The Ineffable Shiteness of Macs

Another unsatisfactory day. All of the Cintiq’s were taken this afternoon. I could not use one for long in the morning as we had a script writing session for the Audio module. I tried to use one of the Cintiq’s in the photography stores downstairs but the Mac completely froze. I was left with no choice but to turn the damned thing off. I fucking hate Macs. I fucking hate Mac mice with their absolutely useless middle mouse buttons. I shall not be using that room again.
This presents me with quite a problem. A lot of my work requires a Cintiq. A lot of it is done in Maya and Mudbox. Using a mouse in Mudbox just feels weird, the Macs in the photo stores appear to be useless and the Cintiq PCs in the library are running software that is incompatible with software in the rest of the University. A problem it is my responsibility to sort out, apparently.
I am currently looking at Chinese versions of the Cintiq as they are about the same price as the Wacom 13HD. The software is not as good, the Wacom software offers much more in the way of functionality but I require something larger than the 13HD.
SMT tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be able to get a Cintiq in the morning. Perhaps I should start bringing a packed lunch in. That way, I can never leave the desk!


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