D.I. Wilson Character Profile

D.I. Wilson


  • Name: James Wilson
  • Gender: male
  • Age: 45
  • Race/Ethnicity: English, white
  • Height: 6″
  • Size: medium slim build
  • Health: high blood pressure, otherwise good
  • Sexuality: low libido
  • Voice: North-Western accent
  • Family: widower; no children; father


  • Cultural background: working class, English
  • Intelligence: IQ 115
  • Temperament: Even tempered unless under pressure when he can be snappy.
  • Happiness: low except at the successful conclusion to a case.
  • Attitudes: mistrustful of authority; skeptical; open to evidence.
  • Education: 5 GCSEs
  • Self-Knowledge: low – Wilson prefers whiskey to introspection.
  • Unconscious Aspects: Wilson needs the world to make sense and it does not. It is like a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces. This need for sense in a senseless world is Wilson’s greatest flaw and it is what will propel him into schizophrenia after the events of Solomon’s Temple.
  • Habits: when he is uncomfortable Wilson drums his fingers against his leg.
  • Occupation: Detective Inspector, Derbyshire Constabulary
  • Religion/Philosophy: Church of England
  • Sexual orientation: heterosexual
  • Goals, ambitions, dreams: Wilson has an as yet unfulfilled ambition to grow a prize winning rose.
  • Secrets: He once helped a colleague cover up a mistake that would have cost him his job. He is attracted to a female detective in his department
  • Fear / phobias: Wilson has no phobias until after the Solomon’s Temple incident where he develops a phobia of thunder.
  • Favourite kind of music: jazz, particularly Thelonious Monk
  • Sense of humour: dry
  • Adrenaline moments: seeing a murder scene for the first time; arresting a suspect he knows to be guilty.
  • Physical description: middle aged, balding, moustache, spectacles, brown hair, brown eyes
  • Physical disabilities: short sighted


  • Says: “Damn it!”, “This doesn’t make sense”.
  • Eats: mostly take away – he likes Chinese food.
  • Wears: bad suits
  • Buys: Rose Magazine; hybrid roses; single malt scotch
  • Works at: Buxton Police Station
  • Plays at: Wilson enjoys jigsaw puzzles


  • Family: father (in care home), ex-wife (his first), brother (estranged)
  • Friends: Detective Ian Hyles
  • Colleagues: tba
  • Birthplace: Buxton Hospital
  • Childhood: unremarkable childhood in Buxton
  • Education: high school level
  • Hobbies: growing roses, jigsaw puzzles
  • Beliefs: the needs of justice supersede the needs of the individual; the truth is always discoverable
  • Values: votes Labour; libertarian streak
  • Lifestyle: does not eat well, drinks too much; keeps his mind active
  • Marital Status: widower
  • Religion: Church of England
  • Professions: police detective
  • Wealth: £50,000 savings; 10 years left on mortgage on property worth £125,000


  • Wants: meaning; justice
  • Hopes: Wilson hopes that his father has a painless death; he want to be reconciled with his brother
  • Fears: dying alone
  • Thoughts: Wilson’s thoughts tend to revolve around his most pressing case. He also thinks about his brother quite a lot.
  • Memories: childhood memory of a cat being run over; vomiting upon seeing his first murder victim; the death of his wife from meningitis
  • Resentments: his father for his senility; the NHS for the death of his wife
  • Dreams: Wilson often has dreams in which he is unable to understand what is being said. In the dream he finds this very distressing
  • Denial: since the death of his wife his life has been empty and meaningless. He uses work to cover the emotional void in his life and when he is not working he uses whiskey to achieve the same.

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