The Inchoate Beat Sheet (First Draft)

Act 1

The First Murder

  • Detectives investigating a crime scene in a terraced house.
  • An exsanguinated corpse circled by salt with strange lettering inside.
  • The victim is dressed in a white gown.
  • A paperboy is at the station – he witnessed the crime.

The Station

  • DI Wilson interviews the paperboy who claims that the victim was a willing participant who offered no resistance.
  • The victim’s throat was slit.
  • The murderers were wearing red robes.
  • They were chanting in a strange language.

The University

  • DI Wilson meets Dr. Julie Dennett, a paleo-linguist.
  • Dennett cannot identify the lettering and tells Wilson she will look into it.

The Ritual

  • Another body is discovered with similarities to the first murder: the victim is in a circle of salt with strange letters inside.
  • The body has been eviscerated.
  • The wounds are strange.
  • There is a thick mucus on the body and around the scene.
  • A scrap of parchment with strange writing and a partial drawing (the Inchoate’s left rear limb).
  • The parchment is obviously ancient.

The Station

  • Wilson is at the morgue speaking with mortician.
  • The victim was murdered in the same fashion as the first, by having his throat slit.
  • The other wounds were inflicted post-mortem and are consistent with having originated from inside the body.
  • The mucus has strange enzymes that the mortician has never seen before.
  • The mucus glows purple under UV light.
  • Wilson is called to Inspector’s office. The second victim was the son of a local councillor. The situation is political. Wilson must wrap the case up quickly.

Act 2

The University

  • Dennett has had no luck in identifying the letters.
  • She identifies the parchment as being written in Sanskrit.
  • It is part of a supplication.
  • Dennett has an idea of a source for the text but needs to investigate.
  • On his way out of the University Wilson receives a phone call: another body has been found.

Bodies in the woods

  • Crime scene: a woman has been discovered in the woods.
  • Her corpse has been partially eaten.
  • UV light shows the scene is covered in the strange mucus.
  • The eaten parts of the body appear more decomposed than other parts.
  • A phone call: another corpse has been found.
  • Wilson rushes to second crime scene.
  • The crime scene is unsecured, only one uniformed officer.
  • Another partially eaten corpse.
  • More mucus.
  • There are strange tracks.

The Pub – Key Scene

  • Wilson is drinking whiskey; there are several empty glasses in front of him.
  • Dennett appears; she looks anxious;
  • She tells Wilson she thinks the murderers were attempting to summon an entity from another dimension.
  • She identifies the parchment as coming from an ancient Indian text concerning the summoning of dark spirits: Mahabhairavacaryavatara (The Holy Path of the Great Terror).
  • Wilson becomes angry she is wasting his time.
  • Dennett tells him specifics about the crimes she could not know.
    Dennett produces several clippings from a New England newspaper detailing murders similar to the ones Wilson is investigating.
  • The final clipping details the destruction of a small town.
  • There was one survivor to whom Dennett has already spoken.
  • He refused to discuss any details of the events.
  • His advice? Flee.
  • Wilson is convinced.
  • Dennett has located a copy of Mahabhairavacaryavatara in London and is heading there in the morning to research how to destroy the beast.

The Nightmare

  • Wilson has a nightmare. He is being chased by hooded figures wearing robes through a series of subterranean tunnels that exist beneath the paving stones.
  • There is a stream he is afraid to cross.
  • His late wife appears and urges him to cross the stream.
  • Wilson tells her he cannot as the flames will burn him.
  • The hooded figures grab a hold of Wilson.
  • His phone rings and wakes him. Another murder has been committed.

The Dead Cultist

  • Murder victim is the son of a retired senior police officer.
  • The walls of the victim’s house are covered in strange drawings and writings in Sanskrit.
  • Victim was shot in the back of the head – an assassination.
  • No mucus or evidence of a ritual murder.

The Suspension

  • Wilson is in the Chief’s office.
  • The Chief is saying that the case is effectively closed. The murder is being written off as a suicide. Wilson is to cease the investigation.
  • Wilson argues that the witness saw three murderers, that the strange mucus has yet to be identified and that it is impossible for someone to shoot themselves in the back of the head.
  • Chief retorts that Wilson is exhausted and that his perception of events is skewed.
    Wilson accuses Chief of perpetrating a cover up.
  • Chief suspends Wilson for insubordination.
  • Wilson storms out.

Act 3

The Mahabhairavacaryavatara

  • Wilson is in pub drinking whiskey.
  • Dennett phones him to say she has returned and they should meet.
  • Wilson meets Dennett at his home.
  • Dennett has stolen the copy of the Mahabhairavacaryavatara from the British Library.
  • She tells him that the creature cannot be destroyed but must be banished back to its plane of existence.
  • Wilson tells her about the murders in the woods and they determine that the beast must be in the region of Solomon’s Temple.
  • Wilson tells Dennett about conversation with the Chief and the cover up.
  • They speculate that the Chief is involved or knows who is involved.
  • They formulate a plan: Wilson will distract the Inchoate with his firearm while Dennett conducts the ritual to banish the it.

The Hunt in the Woods

  • Wilson and Dennett are in the woods searching for the Inchoate. A storm is raging.
  • Dennett spies some mucus. They see more mucus leading up the hill through the woods.
  • The Inchoate screams.
  • The nature of the scream causes Wilson to go mad on the spot.
  • He fires his weapon, expending all his bullets and curls into a ball on the floor.
  • The Inchoate appears.
  • Dennett begins to chant the banishment ritual.
  • The Inchoate hears her and moves towards her.
  • Dennett retreats as she chants, moving towards Solomon’s Temple.
  • Dennett clears the trees. She continues to move up the hill, chanting at the top of her voice – the storm and the screams of the Inchoate almost drown her out.
  • The Inchoate clears the trees but it is incapacitated. The words of the ritual are affecting it.
    Dennett completes the ritual and the creature disappears.
  • The storm continues to rage.


  • Wilson sits in a room, a cup of tea on the table in front of him. He is unaware of the hubbub around him.
  • He stares blankly into the middle distance. He is a broken man, still clearly affected by the events in the woods.
  • He is in an institution.
  • Dennett is sitting in her office at the University.
  • She opens the drawer and pulls out a bottle of vodka.
  • She drinks directly from the bottle.

Closing Image

  • A man in a white robe lies in a circle, slowly bleeding to death. Around him stand three other men. They are chanting in Sanskrit.
  • One of the men is holding a copy of the Mahabhairavacaryavatara.
  • It is the Chief of police.

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