Software Woes

Working on shop models. I have completed the KFC and have begun work on the Post Office. I’ll probably make one more shop model and duplicate them throughout the set.


There is an issue with the Sarah Mudbox model. A couple of days ago I could not open the file on a University PC. Today I could not open it on mine. The only thing I can think of that could be affecting the file is that I worked on the model on one of the Cintiqs in the library.


UPDATE – Went to library to confirm my suspicions. The file opened without issues on those machines. They are running Mudbox with SP1 rather than SP2. I managed to export the file as an FBX but in doing so I lose the lower subdivisions although not the work on them. I’ll be raising this with Daryl, to have incompatible versions of the software throughout the university seems a little unfair.


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