Plot Points

More work on the beat sheet. The story is growing larger but I think I can start to see the final shape of the piece.

Wrote first draft of script for the woods scene in The Inchoate. After writing it I realise that Wilson’s detective partner (let’s call him Detective Harryhausen) is not in the final scene. Also, he is not mentioned in the beat sheet.

The problem is that in my mind in the first scene Wilson has a partner he bounces ideas off. This seems necessary in order to relay information to the audience.

There are two options –

  1. write Harryhausen out of the piece altogether and substitute him with various other police officials such as forensic experts. This could work
  2. have something happen to Harryhausen that takes him out of the picture early. This would probably have to be before the meeting between Wilson and Dennett in the pub where Wilson accepts that the Inchoate is real.

In terms of the assignment it makes no difference. Harryhausen is not in the woods. The only two people who know about the Inchoate are Wilson and Dennett. But in terms of the larger story it’s a problem that needs to be resolved.

If I write Harryhausen out then the information that would have been supplied by his dialogues with Wilson will need to be supplied by other police officials, such as forensics experts. This is not a problem in and of itself but then there would be no-one to notice Wilson’s deteriorating mental states other than Dennett.

Created character profile for Dennett. No drawings for her yet.


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