Decisions, decisions

Belated first entry.

Have elected to create a soundscape of a scene from an intended project. The story is a Lovecraftian tale of a detective investigating a series of brutal murders which results in the Inchoate, a trans-dimensional entity, being banished from this plane of existence.

There were initially two scenes I was considering using for the assignment. The first is the first scene of the piece in which two detectives go over a crime scene. The second scene I considered is a key exposition scene in which the nature and provenance of the Inchoate is discussed. In the end, I decided to produce a soundscape for a scene in the third act in which the detective and a paleo-linguist are tracking the Inchoate through some woods.

I have begun work on the beat sheet for the piece from which the 60 second soundscape will be lifted. Work has also begun on storyboarding the scene. My intention is to import/complete the storyboards in Storyboard Pro and to use that software to produce the animatic.


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